10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

Unfortunately, some popular tourist sites don’t always look the way they do in the brochures. And sometimes, your own high expectations can completely ruin the whole impression of your trip.

To keep that from happening, we at Bright Side compiled a list of 10 places that often leave tourists disappointed.

1. Statue of Juliet in Verona, Italy

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

According to legend, touching the hand or the right breast of Juliet, will bring you luck in finding true love. Every square inch around the statue is almost always packed with tourists, which can really spoil your impression of this supposedly romantic place. The breast and wrist of the statue are regularly damaged because of all the touching and “handshakes” from the thousands of love-seeking tourists.

2. The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

Previously, The Little Mermaid from the fairy-tale of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen was located directly on a rock in the harbor of Copenhagen. Nowadays, it’s not that easy to see this statue. In 2007, Copenhagen officials decided to move the statue several meters away out into the harbor to discourage vandalism and to prevent tourists from climbing on it.
But what really disappoints visitors is the size of the statue. Expecting to see a majestic monument, they find the statue of a mermaid that is only 1.25 m (4.1 ft) tall.

3. The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

True fans of the legendary band will likely be very disappointed with this exhibit since they will find nothing new about their favorite musicians here.

There are only a few exhibits and items that belong to the members of the band. Besides, everything that is shared in the museum is already well-known to the general public. The abundance of unnecessary details is also annoying, e.g., 4D cinema with the occasional squirt of water. This museum is definitely not worth your time or money ( £15, approx. $20).

4. La Scala in Milan, Italy

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

While taking a walk through the city center in search of the world-famous opera house, try not to miss it. The 3-story mansion is almost invisible among the exquisite Italian architecture.

However, the most important thing is to be present at the performance, as the quality of the Italian opera will never disappoint you. But this is not an easy thing to do: despite the fact that tickets are available not only at the box office of the theater, but also on the internet, cheap seats for the most famous opera performances are sold out within a few hours after the start of the ticket sales.

5. Berlin TV Tower, Germany

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

The observation deck from the tallest building in Berlin hardly meets the expectations of visitors who wait for almost 2 hours in the long line and pay €16.50. Or sometimes even € 21.5 for a skip the line ticket which, due to poor organization, doesn’t always work.

Dirty windows, crowds of tourists, and an overpriced TV tower bar are a massive disappointment for every tourist.

6. The Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

It’s been said that the Temple Bar is a must visit place when coming to Dublin. In the evenings, there is always a huge line and you will have to wait for hours to get into the bar.

The bar is so busy and full of people that the employees can barely manage to clean tables and take orders. The bar is really just overpriced and overrated and is not popular among the locals.

7. Museum of Picasso in Antibes, France

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

If you’re having a nice vacation in the Cote d’Azur and decide to go see some of the works of the world-famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, you can certainly spend an hour or so in his museum located in the old town of Antibes. But we don’t recommend that you make a special trip to see this museum.

The collection on display consists mainly of the artist’s sketches and ceramic plates.

Perhaps the museum would be more interesting to Picasso’s art researchers, but this particular collection is more likely to make you disappointed in the talent of the artist.

8. Beaches in Indonesia, India, and Thailand

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

During their vacations in the golden sands of Thailand, Indonesia, and India, people usually don’t leave their hotel area and mainly prefer to visit tourist attractions. But if they happen to get outside the tourist areas, they’ll hardly recognize these countries.

Dirty streets (mainly due to the fact that residents use pack animals), and dirty seas and beaches are a common sight. The most disturbing thing is that not only tourists, but also the local residents themselves, pollute the seashores.

9. Ubud rice fields in Bali

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

The famous stepped rice plantations are a very popular place among tourists. This is probably the reason why visitors have to spend money on literally everything: entry (10,000 Rupiah ≈ $1), photographs (20,000 Rupiah ≈ $1.50 ), a ride on a swing (100,000 Rupiah ≈ $7).

In addition, the swings are placed very low and there are so many tourists that it is almost impossible to walk along the narrow paths.

10. Brussels, Belgium

10 Places Tourists Don’t Want to Visit Ever Again

When people are remembering the first time they arrived in Brussels, they usually mention that there are more disadvantages than advantages in this city. The architecture of Brussels will hardly impress a tourist who has visited at least a couple of capital cities in Europe. The famous Manneken Pis turns out to be a tiny sculpture on top of a small fountain and it’s impossible to take a closer look at it because of the fence and the crowd surrounding it.

Many people are shocked by the amount of garbage and urinals that they find in the streets. These street urinals can also be seen in Amsterdam, where they are much more compatible with the urban environment than in Brussels.

To be fair, the impression of a particular attraction, city, or country as a whole is a very subjective issue. There are many factors that can influence your opinion: the season, the people you are traveling with, and, of course, your own expectations.

Perhaps The Little Mermaid will move you deeply at twilight and the Picasso Museum will pleasantly surprise you, simply because you really love and appreciate his art.

Anyway, we hope this article will help you to be more prepared before planning to visit these places.

Which tourist attractions disappointed you personally and why?

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