10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

It happens so often that when our favorite movies end, we are left depressed and thinking, “It is so sad that it’s over!” And it is so great when directors, producers, and scriptwriters decide to make their fans happy and say, “We’re sorry it’s over too. So, let’s just start it all over again!” This is probably how remakes happen.

We at Bright Side heard that, for example, the Disney company is going to shoot remakes of their classic cartoons. Home Alone, Tom and Jerry, and The Lord of the Rings are just a few films that are going to be rebooted very soon. And even the Breaking Bad show is likely to get a full-length film. But we’ll tell you about that later.

The Chronicles of Narnia

10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

Netflix got the rights to the screen adaption of all 7 Clive Lewis books about Narnia. The company is going to release movies and a show about this magical universe and the kids who got into it. It is already known that the “creative architect” of this project is Matthew Aldrich, the one who wrote the script for the Oscar-winning Coco.

The Little Mermaid

10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

It is likely that, soon, we will see The Little Mermaid film from Disney. The company is already looking for an actress for the main role and, according to the media, the mermaid might be portrayed by Zendaya, who you might have seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. She hasn’t confirmed these rumors but said that she was literally obsessed with this cartoon when she was a child.

The Lord of the Rings

10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

Amazon Prime is going to give this story a second life after it got the rights for the adaptation. According to some information, the show about the Tolkien universe will tell us about the events that happened before The Fellowship of the Ring. It is also possible that the story will have spin-offs.

Lady and the Tramp

10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

Disney studio has already made a decision to shoot a remake of Lady and the Tramp with modern technologies. It is also already known that the main female role will be voiced by Tessa Thompson, who played the Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, and the main male role went to Justin Theroux, who is best known for American Psycho and The Girl on the Train.

Home Alone

10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

Ryan Reynolds is going to be the producer of Home Alone for adults. And, most likely, he will be the one to portray the main character. The movie will tell the story of a loser who is under the influence of drugs and tries to make some robbers, who broke into his house, leave. The film will most likely be called Stoned Alone.

Interestingly, Augustine Frizzell will be the director of this film. She is most famous for the drama Never Goin’ Back.


10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

This is another Disney film that is in development right now. In the beginning, the new film was going to be released in 2018 but the premier got pushed back for 18 months. It is already known that the main part will be played by the Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

The Matrix

10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

The Wachowski sisters are probably going to shoot the new Matrix movies. There’s some information alluding to the fact that Keanu Reeves is still going to play the main role. A stuntman who replaced the star in the previous films said that he offered the sisters the chance to hire him for the remake. He also told journalists that The Wachowski sisters will not only shoot the next part of The Matrix series, but will expand this universe.

Tom and Jerry

10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

The Warner Bros. company said that they are going to reboot Tom and Jerry. The remake should be released in 2021.

They are going to create a mix of a cartoon and a film with everyone’s favorite cat and mouse. We are not likely to see any famous names: the creators said that the characters are not going to start talking.


10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

The remake of this film is going to be released in summer 2020. At the moment, you can watch the trailer. But there is almost no information about the story. The only thing we know now is that this time the Ghostbusters will be way younger than in the original films.

Finn Wolfhard is going to play one of the main roles. You probably remember him from Stranger Things where he has actually appeared in the Ghostbusters costume.


10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

It was in 2012 when the sequel of Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito was going to be released. One of the fans thought it would be great if Jason Momoa played the main role together with Peter Dinklage. Jason Momoa liked the idea because he loves the original comedy and he was ready to sign the contract.

But in fact, Momoa and Dinklage are not very likely to play the roles of the famous brothers. The remake will be titled Triplets and the same actors will play the leading roles. As far as we know, Eddie Murphy will join them in the remake.

Bonus: It looks like Breaking Bad is going to have a full-length movie.

10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

The fans of this iconic criminal show started to suspect this after the actors who played the main roles, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, posted identical pictures of mules on their Twitter page with the caption: “Soon.”

Mules are drug dealers and this is a direct reference to the popular show. This is why the fans thought that this was a teaser for the upcoming movie.

Of course, this is not all the information we have. Hollywood media heard reports about the production of a full-length movie back in 2018. So, it’s probably just that the creators have finally started making the film.

Honestly, while we were making this list, we really wanted to start visiting movie websites every day to at least find some details about what these new shows and films will look like. Which ones are you looking forward to watching?

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