Show your squad how much you
appreciate their support with these unique gifts

by Jennifer Song
You may have found “The One”,
but where would you be without your boys? As your wing-men, these guys stood by
your side through thick and thin, and now as your groomsmen, they’ll stand by
your side as you celebrate your big day. They’ll do everything to make your
wedding day a success, from planning a killer bachelor party to giving an
unforgettable toast at the reception. A simple high-five and a hug just isn’t
enough to show your appreciation. Here are some classy gifts that you show your
groomsmen just how much you treasure the unbreakable bond of your bromance.
Whiskey Decanter

After a long day of work, your
buddies will surely want to relax and wind down with a whiskey glass in hand.
Instead of going to a loud, noisy bar, they can de-stress in the comfort of
their own home with their favorite whiskey stored in an elegant lead-free
crystal decanter. Get it here.
Homemade Gin Kit

If your boys aren’t so keen on
whiskey, they can try making their own gin at home with this DIY kit instead.
They can create the perfect mixture of juniper berries and botanicals to make a
signature flavor that’s perfect to drink on its own or in a cocktail. You can
even invite them to serve some samples of their batch during the reception.

A wristwatch is as fashionable
as it is functional. With this simple yet classy watch, you can rest easy
knowing that your groomsmen arrive on time to your wedding and will look as
dashing as ever. Check out our pick here.
Money Clip Wallet

There’s nothing more
embarrassing than fumbling through your bulky and oversized wallet when paying
for the check on a date. Help your buddy avoid that awkward moment and get him
a sleek and slim money clip wallet. Besides, just because you’re getting
married, doesn’t mean you can’t still be a good wingman. See this one from Hugo
Safety Razor and Boar’s Hair Brush Set
Your groomsmen should be the
sharpest looking dudes on the day of your wedding. After all, the word “groom”
is in the name. A quality shave can take any man’s look from sloppy to
polished. Make sure your boys look their best with this luxurious safety razor
and boar’s hair brush shaving kit.

A pocketknife is one of the
few items that somehow makes you look rugged, useful and classy all at the same
time. Although it’s not an everyday essential, there are those unexpected
moments when a knife is handy to have. Get one here.
Personalized Pub Sign

One of the more unique gifts
on the list, a personalized pub sign is one that your groomsmen will be sure to
appreciate. They can hang it in their bachelor pad, and if they don’t already
have one, this sign is a great starting point to build their dream “mancave”.
Head here, here, or here to get one.
Tool Kit

Boy scout or not, a gentleman
should always be prepared. This kit features of a host of different tools, so
your wedding party will be ready for any emergency or disaster that comes your
Cigar Humidor
There are few things that make
a man look classier than a cigar in hand. With a cigar humidor, your pals can
ensure that their cigars stay
as fresh as the day they got
them. If some of your buddies aren’t smokers, this makes a great display case
for collectibles or valuables. Get one here.
Fountain Pen

It’s said that the pen is
mightier than the sword. Some might think a pen is a boring gift and that could
be true: a regular ol’ ball point pen from your local Staples is not an
interesting gift. But a nice fountain pen is an essential tool for any
gentleman and it is a gift that can last a lifetime. For a gift that feels
cultured and special, try this unique writing utensil.
DIY Personalized Gift Box
If all else fails, you can
create your own box of goodies that demonstrates the unique personalities of
the men in your wedding party. Mix and match items to cater to their hobbies,
interests, or even inside jokes. The personalized touch will make your gift all
the more memorable.
If you really want to go the
extra mile, most of the items on this list can be custom engraved. You can
include the date of the wedding and their name, or keep it simple with
monogrammed initials. The best thing about these gifts is their longevity: your
buddies will be able to use them long past the wedding date. No matter what you
decide to give them, your groomsmen will appreciate the keepsake that
commemorates your special day and how much their friendship means to you.
Jennifer is a Marketing Intern
and Blogger at Wild Attire, Inc. She is a lover of cats, peanut butter, and
everything pink.
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