11 Intriguing Facts About North Korea We’d Like You to Know

North Korea is one of the most unusual countries in the world. It is also one of the most closed. For example, to get to the capital of Pyongyang, even a resident of a province of the country itself can only go by a special pass. Consequently, the life and customs of the citizens of North Korea are enveloped in myths, but what do we really know about it? We have collected 11 facts about North Korea that will amaze you.

11. Want to learn? You have to pay for everything.
In North Korea, students and their parents literally pay for everything: building materials, chairs, school desks, and so on. Students are even forced to work on producing goods for the government!

10. North Korea has its own Godzilla.
It is possible that Kim Jong-il liked the story of Godzilla very much. He decided to independently produce a North Korean version of this film. He called it Pulgasari, and it is a mix of Godzilla, ancient myths, and a pinch of King Kong. It turned out to be very successful and was a real hit in North Korea.

9. There are no Choco Pies in North Korea.
In 2014, the North Korean government banned the sale of Choco Pies on its territory.
This was due to the fact that for many years these sweets went to the black market through the production complex in Kaesong. In the complex, there were 52,000 North Koreans, and the overtime fee was often given in Choco Pies.

8. Kim Jong-un created an all-female band.
The President of North Korea created a Moranbong girls band in 2012 (it’s a different band in the photo). The aim of the band was to make the image of North Korea more modern in the eyes of the rest of the world. By the way, Moranbong was created shortly after the success of PSY with his famous song “Gangnam Style.

7. The constitution of North Korea looks good…on paper.
What do we basically hear about North Korea? Communists, despots, and other horrors. But you can read their constitution yourself and see many articles on freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, and even democracy.

6. 100% Literacy rate
According to the Central Intelligence Agency, North Korea has a 100% literacy rate, just like Andorra and Greenland. Very impressive, isn’t it?

5. Roads without traffic lights
Instead of traffic lights, there are female controllers with clubs and whistles on the roads. Their actions are precise and clear. No worse than robots!

4. 3 TV channels
In North Korea, there are only 3 TV channels. One of them broadcasts only in the evenings, and the rest are only available on the weekends.

3. At least one American lives in North Korea.
Joseph Dresnok went to North Korea after the Korean War. He stayed there and even got a passport. He said that he loves the country with all his heart and feels at home there.

2. Jeans are illegal.
Kim Jong-un prohibited the wearing of jeans, calling them “the influence of the West” and ‘Western clothing”. He also banned piercings. But in this strict country, marijuana is not under the ban.

1. Kim Jong-il liked cognac.
The average income in North Korea is about $785, and Kim Jong-il consumed cognac at a cost of $610,000 a year until 2011.

Which fact about North Korea is the most bizarre to you? Tell us in the comments!

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