11 Steps on How to Look More Attractive & Be Your Best Self

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Written by Salvatore Marashi
Ready to become a more attractive man? Good. Becoming more attractive is definitely something we all are interested in. Looking and being attractive definitely provides you with advantages in life. Look, it’s definitely never a bad idea to look more attractive to your wife, girlfriend, crush or friends. So put your notions of vanity aside, being attractive is more than just being a handsome man (although that is important). Looking and being attractive comes from both within and without. The problem is most advice out there is vague and incomplete.
Don’t worry though, like always, we at the GentleManual have got you covered. We put together 11 of the best steps to looking and being attractive. Things may seem daunting now but these are easy and complete solutions that you can start working on as soon as you finish reading this. So if you’re ready to start being a 10/10, let’s get started!
The Importance of Hygiene
Being More Attractive Through Hygiene
On the journey to becoming a more attractive man, we’d be remiss if we didn’t start here. Bad hygiene takes you out of the game before it even starts. This is a good place to begin since the changes here can make a big difference.
If you’re not taking the time to handle your skin and oral care routines, you’ll never be as attractive as you should be. Imagine kissing someone with a greasy face and Frito breath. Disgusting right? (Sorry to put that image in your head). Yeah, those same standards apply to you.
Oral Care Routine
  • Brush
  • Floss
  • Mouthwash
  • Brush
  • Floss
  • Whitening Mouthwash with Flouride
Skin Care Routine
  • Wash
  • Preshave
  • Apply Shaving Cream
  • Shave
  • After Shave (No Alcohol)
  • Moisturize
  • Eye, Dark
    Circle Remover
  • SPF
  • Cleansing
    Face Wash
  • Exfoliate (2x a week)
  • Moisturize
  • Nighttime Anti-aging Face
    SerumEye Cream
Essential  Skin Products:
Lab Series Moisturizer 
Kiehl’s Eye Alert
Brickell Anti-Aging Cream
Becoming a Well-Groomed Man
Being Attractive with Grooming
How you take care of your hair will definitely play into what makes an attractive man. A well-groomed man will always have a leg up on his counterparts.
Learn to manage your mane and your scruff. Learn what hair type you have (thin, thick, curly straight or wavy) and find the best products and cuts for you. Start and maintain a routine of washing and conditioning. This way your hair will never be left dry or greasy. If you’re thinning up top, go read
our guide on how to save your hair, and get things under control.
For my bearded friends, don’t forget to show your facial hair some love. Your beard needs washing and moisturizing just like the top of your head. Finish things off a couple of times a week with a trim and some beard oil.
Hair Care Routine
  • Wash
    your hair every day or every other day (use a light shampoo that’s paraben
  • Condition 2-3 times a week
  • Multivitamin
  • Biotin Supplement
  • Nizoral 1-2 times a
    week (thinning hair)
  • Minoxidil twice a day (thinning hair)
  • Finasteride once
    a day (thinning hair)
Beard Care Routine
  • Shampoo
    twice a week
  • Condition twice a week
  • Trim 1-2 times a week
  • Beard oil every day or
    every other day
As for brands, the men’s grooming market is oversaturated. There are tons of grooming creams, oils, accessories, etc… That’s why we’ve included a list of some of our favorite men’s grooming products.
Essential Hair Products:
Free and Clear Shampoo
Jack Black Conditioner
Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner 
Why Posture Matters
Being Attractive with Better Posture
teachers were secretly doing you a favor when they told you to stand up
straight. Good posture is another easy way to instantly improve how attractive
you are. Standing tall with your shoulders relaxed and your chest open portrays
a more confident body language. Confident body language will definitely help
you in being more attractive.
better, good posture improves your overall body functions so you’re less likely
to be sore or to get injured after a particularly hard set at the gym.
  • Head
    up and slightly forward
  • Shoulders back
  • Chest open
  • Back
  • Shoulders back
  • Knees bent at a right angle
  • Feet flat on the floor
your posture won’t happen overnight. Things like posture exercises such as
pull-ups and push-ups can help though. If you’re really serious about it, there
are posture correctors on the market. They’ll strap onto your back and make a
ping sound whenever you start to slouch. After a couple of days of that
annoying sound, good posture will be ingrained in you.
Fitness Goals
Being Attractive Through Fitness
won’t tell you that if you want to be attractive that you must have six pack
abs and be movie stars shredded. However, being in shape is always a good
thing. Spending time in the gym or out for a run keeps you slim and fit. When
you’re healthier, you’re going to look better in your clothes and have way more
energy. There’s really no downsides to being all-around healthier.
know that glow you get after exercising? Yeah, it’s good, people like that.
Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better if you’re in shape. Besides keeping you
physically healthy, exercise releases stress and is a vital component in
looking younger. As they say, “if you feel good, you look good.”
Men’s Workout Routine
  • Weights
    3-4 times a week (upper body 2-3 times, lower body 1-2 times)
  • Run twice a
  • Rest 1-2 a week
Keep in mind your body shape and maximize your workouts. Never
workout beyond your capacity and find workout regimens that are
within your skill level.
Utilizing Style
Being Attractive by Utilizing Style
and foremost, we are a style publication. So we understand the importance of
looking good. Your style plays a big part in how attractive both you and others
see yourself. Style should broadcast who you are as a person and exemplify your
best features. Taking care of how you dress shows self-appreciation and savvy.
Everyone’s style is their own and we have tons of articles on here to help you
realize what looks will work best for you.
get that men’s fashion can be daunting. There’s tons of men’s style advice out
there too. If you’re looking to get started immediately, here are your
must-have men’s apparel pieces.
Style Must-Haves:
  • 1
    Bomber or Harrington jacket
  • A white tee
  • A black tee
  • An
    olive or navy tee
  • Two pairs of jeans (light and dark, i.e black and
  • A pair of chinos
  • A leather jacket
  • A blazer
  • 1 Pair of sneakers
  • 1 Pair
    of boots Sunglasses
Power of Scent
Being Attractive with the Power of Scent
you smell says a lot about you. Hopefully, it says something sexy, confident
and not B.O related. Your scent is important for a couple of reasons. First,
your choice says a lot about how you perceive yourself. Are you going for
something woodsy or beachy? Second, it’ll factor into how others remember you.
Our sense of smell plays a huge role in human thoughts, memories, and emotions.
So give people something good to think about.
a cologne takes a bit of work. Make sure you take the time to smell different
ones and consider how they fit into your style. Also, keep in mind that the
scent will change over time as your body heat effects it.
far as buying, there are just as many expensive cologne brands as there are
cheap cologne brands. Price won’t necessarily guarantee a better product. That
being said, the pricer bottles, likely are made with better ingredients and
have more nuanced scents.
are countless cologne brands and styles, so things can get complicated. Scents
fall into the categories of citrus, wood, marine, gourmand, oriental, floral,
oud and sporty. Each one has its own qualities. So we’ve done the work for you.
Citrus: Fresh,
lively, zesty
Wood: Pine,
outdoorsy, confident, manly
Marine: Minimalist,
clean, elegant
Gourmand: Vanilla,
coffee, bold, sensual
Oriental: Spicy,
tobacco, boozy
Floral: Light,
perfumed, gentle
Oud: Strength,
musk, maturity
Sporty: Herbal,
loud, vibrant
Top Picks: Versace
Pour Hommes Dior
Go easy on the cologne. People shouldn’t be able to smell you from a mile away.
A small spritz on your neck, chest or wrist should be enough.
Attractive with Confidence
Being Attractive with Confidence
sure you’ve heard over and over again that confidence is key. Well, that’s
right. A confident man has control of one’s self and how they handle the world
around them. Confidence isn’t the ability to never doubt yourself. It’s not
cocky or loud. What confidence is, is faith in your abilities, love and respect
for yourself, understanding the role of failure and handling what the world
throws at you.
gives you the power to do things in your life that you otherwise wouldn’t have
the strength to do. Maybe you want to rock a bold print shirt or go
talk to that person you’ve been crushing on. Having confidence gives you the
tools to make that happen.
this stigma that confidence comes from how others treat you. Relying on praise
and approval from others will only ever at best give you a temporary
confidence. True confidence comes from within. Confidence and self-esteem
are related. Instead of focusing on the things that you need to be better at,
zone in on what you’re already good at. Give yourself the love and recognition
for excelling at those things. Not everyone has the talents that you have. Be
proud of that fact.
recognize that it’s not easy to be confident all of the time. Sometimes it’s
important to fake it. If you act confident soon enough you’ll find yourself and
others starting to believe it.
Conversational Superstar
Being Attractive by Being a Conversational Superstar
are power and a good conversationalist is very powerful. A man who can hold a
conversation is an attractive man. This skill deceptively seems easy, but it’s
not. Before we get further into this, think about the conversations you have
every day. Most are probably boring interactions with the dreadful hum
of small talk. Every once in a while though, you meet someone whose words
are a lasting impact. I’m going to bet that it is largely because of their
conversational skills. Their words made you think and feel things deeper than
the average person would have been able to. When you talked with them, you felt
heard and you felt engaged. You can have that effect as well.
want to introduce you to the term “deep diving.” Deep diving is the ability to
move past the surface level and go into topics that a person values. It is
identifying something a person cares about and creating a space for that to be
is not constantly asking questions. Instead, you are slowly delving into
meaningful conversations. Ironically, a great conversationalist spends more
time listening than talking.
love to talk about themselves and deep diving does just that. More so, it has
the added benefit of tying you and them to whatever strong emotions and
connections that come up.
you’re serious about becoming more attractive, you must learn this skill.
you Must have a Sense of Adventure
Being Attractive: Having a Sense of Adventure
no substitute for a curious mind. Being adventurous seems like only a
tangential way to be more attractive. Let me change your mind on that. While
“being adventurous” is a broad statement, it’s because it has broad effects.
adventurous man experiences life. He tries new things, visits new places, is
open to learning, and he pushes himself. Treading familiar ground and repeating
the same things leads to stagnation. When trying to be more attractive, it’s
crucial to understand that there is no end date. Your journey will never be
complete. Being more attractive is an ongoing process. Thus, adventure provides
the ability to perpetually stay interesting.
adventurous spirit ties into other things on our list. The adventurous man is a
confident man and vice-versa. By getting out of your comfort-zone, you become
self-reliant. Attractiveness starts not with how others see you but how you see
and Charm
Being Attractive with Humor and Charm
love a sense of humor. Well, everyone loves a sense of humor. No, I’m not
talking about mimicking the high school class clown. That guy sucks. I’m
talking about utilizing humor and charm.
comes from a healthy awareness of yourself and the world around you. It’s the
act of putting things into perspective and not sweating over the small stuff.
With humor, you can disarm people and break down their walls so that deeper
connections can form.
breaks down a couple of simple things, eye contact, and connection.
Eye Contact
Being Attractive with Eye Contact
charming man understands the power of eye contact. Your eyes communicate just
as much as your words. This is a scientific way to be more attractive.
Always meet the gaze of who you’re talking to. You’ll come across as much more
confident if you can master this. Learn when to soften your gaze and when to
hold it. These tools will serve you well, especially in romantic endeavors.
you’re shy or have social anxiety, this will probably be a hurdle for you.
That’s okay, with practice, you’ll get this down in no time. Instead of
expecting yourself to pull this off with everyone, pick a specific group or
person to work on it with. For instance, you can focus on holding eye contact
with the server at your coffee shop when you order. Soon enough, it’ll become
second hand.
really can’t skip this one. This is a necessity to be considered as being
and Connection
Being Attractive with Compliments and Connection
charming man is an expert at connecting. Besides deep diving, a man with charm
understands compliments. Everybody wants to feel good about themselves. People
love compliments. To be instantly more charming, learn when to dole them out.
your coworker’s skills when they help you out of a tough situation is a good
example of when to compliment. Take note that there are a time and place for
compliments. Over-doing it can make them seem less genuine as well as have the
negative effect of putting people on a pedestal. That’s never a good thing.
on your humor and charm, they go a long way in transforming you into a more
attractive person. Being attractive is more than just the physical.
Managing to be emotionally attractive as well, is just as important.
an Attractive Lifestyle
Being Attractive by Creating an Attractive Lifestyle
lifestyle is perhaps the biggest contributor to looking and being attractive.
It influences your health and fitness as well as how you come across to others.
Most importantly, it shapes how you interact within your own world and thus how
you see yourself.
instance, you can’t see yourself as a successful businessman or charming
heartbreaker if you spend your days sitting on your couch watching sit-com
reruns. Well maybe you can think that, but that’s called delusion.
an attractive lifestyle comes from a few things.
and Maintaining Friendships
Being Attractive Through Making and Maintaining Friendships
man is an island. We all need to rely on our friends from time to time. Way too
often we allow ourselves to stay in our own bubble and create distance between
others. This prevents us from making new connections and lets old friendships
men have strong networks of friends. They spend the time to make friends
wherever they go and put in the effort to stay in touch. Being attractive is
aided by the help of friends.
solid support group provides you with many things. They get you out of the
house and aid in an active, exciting lifestyle. This communicates to others
that your time is precious and valued. You are in demand.
Own Your Responsibility
Being Attractive: Own Your Responsibility
attractive lifestyle comes with responsibilities. Own these commitments and get
things taken care of. This means making the necessary career decisions, dealing
with issues before they become bigger problems, and being decisive.
successful is attractive. Success doesn’t have to mean money, it can pertain to
whatever you excel at. With that, others will see that you are someone to be
relied on. That you are in control of your own world.
people find life to be largely out of their control. More or less, it’s chaos
for them. Showing the opposite of that immediately paints you in the light of
being attractive.
Having Fun
Being Attractive by Having Fun
can all take life too seriously sometimes. A great lifestyle is balanced. Fun
is an important part of that. People always think that attractive people are
having more fun because they are attractive. In reality, they are more
attractive because they are having fun with life.
on the things you love to do. Give them attention and cultivate those hobbies.
People want to be around others with a positive outlook.
eleven tips will no doubt set you on the right path to looking and being
attractive. Understand that it is a process and don’t be too hard on yourself.
How can others see how great you are if you don’t see it in yourself first?
out and try these tips for yourself. Tell us if you found these tips helpful or
which ones you’d include?
Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.