In our modern world, people
fight for a unique concept. 88% of restaurants have a dedicated space in their
budget for marketing! And some of them are really successful in an
extraordinary way. In this article you’ll find restaurants that attract people
not just with their food, but with their exclusive design.
We at Bright Side found some
truly amazing and bizarre restaurants that are difficult to forget after
visiting them.
Toilet and its unique dishes

14 Bizarre Restaurants That Seem to Belong to a Parallel World
The concept of this restaurant
in Taiwan is based solely on items from the bathroom. The chairs are actual
non-working toilets and dishes are served in plastic miniature toilet bowls.
And yes! It is popular!
It’s also famous for its ice
cream which is served in a dish that resembles a squat toilet. Although the
dishes from Modern Toilet might remind us of something inedible, the quality
and taste is said to be amazing.
in Ibiza and its cosmic experience

One of the most expensive
restaurants in the world is located in Ibiza at the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de
Bossa. Guests can try all the dishes from the menu and each dish is presented
with unusual recipe innovations and new technologies.
Each dinner takes place in an atmosphere
that includes an incredible virtual reality experience. A maximum of 12
visitors can enter into this fantastic world full of magical images and vivid
in the sky in UAE

Dinner in the sky in Dubai is
an amazing and unique concept. The whole restaurant is a table suspended by a
crane at a height of 50 m. If your significant other likes extreme experiences
and good food, it could be a perfect surprise for them.
du Midi restaurant at an altitude of 3842 m (12,604 ft)

            14 Bizarre Restaurants That Seem to Belong to a Parallel World
This is a gorgeous restaurant
with crazy views. You can find it at 3,842 m up, on the top of the French Alps,
in the Mont-Blanc massif on the famous lift called Aiguille du Midi. This is a
place that you just have to see for yourself once in your lifetime. There is
also a hotel connected to this site where you can stay and continue to breathe
in the crisp, fresh mountain air.
Teahouse in China with a trip to the mountains

Here’s a challenge for people
who enjoy tea so much that they’re ready to climb a mountain for it! Just
imagine, the teahouse is located at 2,160 m above sea level and the path you
take to get there is known as the Heavenly Stairs. It’s a tea lover’s dream!
Escudero Plantations and Resort and its waterfall restaurant

14 Bizarre Restaurants That Seem to Belong to a Parallel World
In the Philippines, near the
city of San Pablo, lies the beautiful Villa Escudero Resort. And its restaurant
is located at the foot of the waterfall!
Moreover, the patrons don’t
just overlook the waterfall, but they sit directly inside it. The tables are
set right in the middle of the water. But there is no need to worry. It’s
totally safe. The depth there is only about 20 centimeters.
E.R, dinner in a prison hospital

The Alcazar E.R. restaurant in
Tokyo is reminiscent of a prison hospital. All the visitors are seated in
cells, the lights are dimmed everywhere, and the waiters wear medical scrubs
and the chefs are the surgeons in the kitchen.
In order to immerse customers
in a greater atmosphere of fear, they offer you the option of being handcuffed!
If you like quests and Halloween, this restaurant could be very interesting for
Club in London and its geo-dome rooftop

Oh, we love this one! It looks
totally amazing, doesn’t it?! It is unforgettable and even a boring dinner
could become special with this amazing design and view. The south-facing
terrace catches the sun all day long and makes every guest feel like they’re in
a fairytale or in some fantastic movie.
Just don’t forget to make a
reservation! It is a pretty popular place.
Icebar Amsterdam, where it’s winter all year long

Now you don’t need to go to
the North Pole to have a drink in the middle of an igloo. The average
temperature in the Ice Hall is −10 degrees. But don’t be worried! The staff
provides guests with special warm clothing.
Visitors enter the real
kingdom of ice and snow! You can have a nice drink here and even dance with
friends. This experience will probably be especially unique and unforgettable
during the hot summer months!
Rock restaurant in Zanzibar, an experience in the middle of the Indian Ocean

The name of the restaurant
“The Rock” was chosen for a reason. It’s located on top of a low rock. And
although the building doesn’t look fancy, it fits perfectly into the local
The restaurant is isolated
from civilization and you’ll need to take a boat to reach it.
with giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi

Nature lovers will be on Cloud
9 with happiness! Giraffe Manor is an exclusive hotel owned by The Safari
Collection in Nairobi. Each dining experience is a safari adventure where
friendly giraffes come close to you while you’re having your meal and are not
shy about stealing some food off your plate.
Here you can recharge yourself
with positive vibes and feel united with nature!
in Amsterdam where you’ll dine in the dark

14 Bizarre Restaurants That Seem to Belong to a Parallel World

They call themselves a
restaurant with a “Wow-factor.” Here you can “hear, feel, smell, talk, listen,
imagine, and experience” during your meal. Your sense of taste becomes sharper
when you are more concentrated on it. Plus, the waiters who serve you are blind
and “provide a jaw-dropping level of service.”
Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand and their Bird’s Nest Restaurant

The nests are located in trees
that are around 16 ft above the ground. This special zone gives you the
privilege of kings where you and your party can enjoy privacy, luxury, unique
service, and amazing views at the same time.
This place is must visit if
you are in Thailand. Even if it’s just to see how the waiter uses a zip line to
deliver food and drinks!
Underwater Restaurant at Anantara Kihavah Villa where you can dine with sharks

In case you want to make your
vacation in the Maldives even more exciting, there is an underwater restaurant
where you can explore the sea while dining. You will be surrounded by sharks,
tropical fishes, and turtles, with no need for a snorkel!
This experience is full of
moments of peace and harmony with nature!
Which restaurant would you
like to visit? Let us know in the comments below!
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