Your home is a cozy place where you’re supposed to feel comfy and safe. But sometimes we keep useless and even dangerous items there that take up too much space and affect our health negatively.

Bright Side has created a list of everyday things that we’re better off getting rid of.

Plastic dishware

Yes, these plastic utensils are light and you don’t have to wash them, but it’s still better to use ordinary dishware since plastic plates and cups are extremely dangerous for our planet. It’s better to spend a few minutes washing your dishware than contribute to plastic pollution.

Nail polish with a surprise

Many lacquers contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and other hazardous ingredients that can affect our health. Nail artists are more at risk of severe diseases than others: they inhale evaporated chemicals from nail products every day.

Get acquainted with all the components in a nail polish before buying it. As for nail salons, it’s better to air all the rooms out as often as possible.

Overloaded extension cords

We all use extension cords at home and often forget about their operating rules. An overloaded extension cord can cause a fire. What’s more, you may stumble or fall down and get a couple of bruises or even a sprain.

Vinyl wallpaper

The main “ingredient” in vinyl wallpaper is polyvinyl chloride (or PVC.) Vinyl wall coverings can release fumes of vinyl chloride. Long-term exposure to low levels of PVC is linked to toxicity in nearly every major living system.

Be careful when choosing wallpapers. Try to experiment with paint instead of vinyl wall coverings.

Temporary furniture

We always try to make our home look cozy, but nothing ruins nice decor as much as temporary furniture which is usually bought to fill up space. Don’t buy this kind of furniture in order to replace it with better pieces later. Instead, buy classic pieces of furniture that don’t lose their value as time passes.

Expired makeup

It’s not recommended to use expired makeup products since they won’t work the way that they should. For example, SPF lotion won’t protect your skin, BB cream will be almost transparent, and so on. Sometimes expired makeup can cause skin irritation and acne.

Air fresheners

Many air fresheners contain toxic chemicals that aren’t listed on the labels.

You can replace your air freshener with natural essential oils, sachet, or even fragrance stones that will make your room look and smell really nice.

A pull-out couch instead of a bed

The older we get, the more comfortable our beds should be. When you don’t have to unfold it and there are some soft pillows on it, your sleep will become way better.

Shower curtains that have never been washed

Scientists warn us that soap spots on a shower curtain are actually bacteria. They can cause different opportunistic infections in people who have a weak immune system. To keep it clean, you have to wash it with baking soda and vinegar on a regular basis.

Old business cards and magazines

If you have old business card holders, it’s time to throw them away. Today, they look really weird and likely, no one even needs a business card from a company you used to work at 5-10 years ago.

Magazine cutouts look really good in a collage or are useful for designers, fashion designers, and other creative people. But it’s time to say goodbye to all those old, dusty magazines that only create a mess.

Towels in the bathroom

Towels that are stored in a warm and humid bathroom create a wonderful environment for bacteria. It’s better to keep them in a drawer in a room. It’s also recommended to wash bath towels at least once a week and to dry them right after using.

Old carpets

Carpets collect dust and it’s crucial to clean them approximately twice a week. That’s why many people have already thrown them away. Additionally, it’s not a good idea to store them rolled up because even rolled carpets collect dust and dirt and take up too much space.

Artificial plants

Plants can bring warmth to any room but artificial ones are an exception — don’t buy them even if you don’t want to spend time taking care of real plants. Instead of plastic flowers, get undemanding plants such as cacti or succulents (aloe, echeveria, and so on).

Peace lilies if kids or pets can easily reach it

Spathiphyllum, also called peace lilies, is a popular indoor flower. However, this pretty plant may be dangerous for children and pets.

Peace lilies aren’t toxic if you don’t chew or swallow them. In case a human or a pet does eat any part of the plant, they can experience an inflamed, irritated mouth and nausea.

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Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.