15 Brilliant Tips To Live By When You’re On Vacation

Dishonest people are always trying to take advantage of tourists and if you are not careful, it’s easier to become a victim than you may think. These tips will help you save money and time and stay safe while exploring the world. Generally speaking, these tricks will help make it a little bit easier to avoid unwanted surprises and get the most out of your vacation.

We at Bright Side love going on vacation and did some research on how to make it disappointment-free. We can’t wait to show this to our readers! Make sure that you check the bonus at the end.

1. Remember, free things are often not free.

15 Brilliant Tips To Live By When You’re On Vacation

You’ve probably seen the artists performing on the streets and some of them are truly incredible. But be careful when they offer to take photos with you, some of them may demand payment afterward.

Another common trick is done with “friendship bracelets.” Scammers say, “It’s free,” tie it around your wrist, and demand money. They often come in a group, and one of them is already trying to hold your hand. Needless to say that many of us would get a bit scared and would feel very uncomfortable saying, “No.” But you have to just say, “no” and don’t let them tie it.

2. Bring spares.

Spare passport photos, debit and credit cards, camera batteries — all of these things don’t take up much space, but can save your vacation from becoming a disaster in an emergency situation.

3. Stash emergency money.

15 Brilliant Tips To Live By When You’re On Vacation

Having a secret spot to store emergency cash or cards can be really convenient. And you may need it when you least expect it.

4. Meet the locals.

Meet the local people to get a feel for the place. Don’t pass judgement if their lifestyle is different from what you are used to. Keep your mind open.

5. Keep in mind, motorbike or scooter rentals can be stolen or damaged.

Renting a motorbike or a scooter can be very convenient on a vacation and most of the rentals are genuine. However, there are some scams out there as well and you might find that the motorbike or scooter that you rented has been damaged or even stolen, and now you have to pay for the repair or the whole thing. To avoid this, use your own lock, since the scammer might have the second set of keys to the one they give you, and choose a secure place to leave the bike.

6. Beware of jet ski damage.

Another common scam involves fast things like jet skis, bikes, or snowboards that are great fun to ride on vacation. But when you take it back, the guy shows you scratches and crack, insists that you are the one who did it, and says that now you are obligated to pay for repairs. Take photos of all the signs of wear and tear before using any equipment.

7. Take morning flights for less turbulence.

Most thunderstorms tend to develop in the afternoons and evenings, that’s why morning flights are less prone to turbulence.

8. Wake up earlier.

15 Brilliant Tips To Live By When You’re On Vacation

Wake up early and avoid the crowd. Morning time is usually the best for taking photos, professionals call it “the golden hour.”

9. Choose the best time of year.

15 Brilliant Tips To Live By When You’re On Vacation

School holidays are the only time for families with kids to go on vacation. If you don’t have school-age kids, consider going on vacation during the school terms and the places you go won’t be as busy. Sometimes it might be a good idea to travel off-season to make the most of your vacation.

10. Learn a few foreign words.

There’s no need to be fluent in a foreign language when you travel to another country, but knowing just a couple of phrases can make a big difference in your travel experience. People usually appreciate when tourists can say a few words in the local language.

11. Get an adapter for your electronics.

We all have lots of gadgets these days and each of them comes with chargers and cables. Before you leave for vacation, get yourself an adapter that will work in the country you are traveling to. It will save you lots of time and the headache of trying to find what you need when you’re already there.

12. Pack wisely.

Do you really need 10 pairs of shoes when going on a vacation for one week?

13. Discover a sarong as a multi-purpose item.

A sarong is a must-have for a vacation. Apart from using it for modesty by wrapping it around your waist, it can be used as sun protection, dust protection, a scarf, a blanket, a signal flag, and even a water filter.

14. Eat local food.

Follow the locals when looking for a place to eat. Normally, it’s much cheaper and you get a real taste of the place you’re vacationing in.

15. Read about the place you’re going.

15 Brilliant Tips To Live By When You’re On Vacation

Do a little bit of research and find out what NOT to do. Some traditions can be very different from what you are used to and you may do something inappropriate or even insulting without even realizing it.

For example, the OK sign, when the thumb touches the index finger, is perfectly fine in many countries but very offensive in Turkey. You better to avoid it when visiting this country, otherwise you may get into a serious trouble with locals.

Bonus: Get the most out of it.

The best tip for an amazing vacation is to keep your mind open. Try food that you’ve never had before, do things that you’ve never done, don’t be afraid to meet new people, and enjoy and appreciate every moment of every day to make your vacation the most memorable.

Which tips are you going to use on your next vacation? Or maybe you have your own tricks, write them in the comment section below.

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