16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste

Comfort and coziness are made
up of details, so it takes only one ridiculous or old-fashioned thing to ruin
even the best design. For example, a rug bought at a sale or boring curtains or
blinds. Famous interior design experts will help avoid mistakes in the future
or fix the design errors you may already have.
We at Bright Side have made a
list of things in apartment design you should give up to make your home a cozy
“Animal” prints

In 2018, the British branch of
Samsung conducted a survey among English people to find the most irritating
interior decor trends. It turned out that “animal” prints were on the 11th
position — 19% of people said that Zebra stripes imitation or cheetah skin
print are no longer trendy.
Designers of the kitsch style
often use animal prints in their work, but it is really hard to do this
properly in a regular apartment as there is a big chance you will have a place
that looks both like a bar and a circus.
Fake brick walls
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
Fake brick walls are on all
lists of unwanted decor. Using artificial materials makes the decor look fake
and not cozy at all, which isn’t something you’d want in your home.
However, if a designer is
talented, these elements can be really beautiful. But the artificial materials
should be replaced with real ones and if the style is the same across the
entire apartment, it might end up looking like a New York loft.
Pelmets and massive curtain combinations
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
Pelmets and massive curtain
combinations are also on the list of things that can make the interior look
outdated. Yes, it may have been popular for many years, but not anymore.
However, the tendencies have changed. Now, lightness and simplicity are in
trend. Besides, taking care of multilayered curtains is not easy by any means.
Today, designers prefer
organic fabrics and claim that there is only one rule about decorating the
windows: the simpler, the better. And the curtains should be twice as wide as
the window.
Contrast color walls
One wall that’s painted a
color that’s too bright or too dark only makes the design worse. Maybe it was a
good trick at some point in the past, but today, according to designers, there
is no practical use for it. On the contrary, such an emphasis doesn’t make the
room look bigger and it only makes it look smaller.
Experts warn that attempts to
decorate walls by yourself can end in disaster. For example, if you paint the
wall with a sponge to create a certain pattern, then it may end up looking
Too much neutral color
The combination of grey,
beige, and other neutral colors is not trendy anymore. The shades themselves
are not that bad but the attempt to mix them leads to the fact that the house
looks very similar to millions of others.
Patrick Mele in his log
recommends using saturated colors. Patrick says that there is one combination
that works in any decor — white and blue in all variations. If you are not
ready to fill your interior with bright colors, then place emphasis on a
flower, a poster, or decorative pillows.
Wallpaper borders
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
Using wallpaper borders is no
longer trendy. Decorator Mitchell Owens says that using wallpaper borders makes
an apartment look like a rural house from the 1970s. And even though this style
is being reborn now, the border is not coming back.
If you still think that your
wallpapers need some spark, choose a skirting board without any stucco as they
will never stop being popular.
Complicated tile decor
The smaller the bathroom, the
simpler the pattern of the tiles should be. This is what Clair thinks, the
designer and author of a blog called “doesntcosttheearth.” Mosaic, different
colors, curbs, and similar tendencies should be avoided when designing a
If you are a happy owner of a
big bathroom and you are sure you can’t get by without any mosaic, then you can
decorate compartments with it.
Popcorn ceilings and walls
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
Popcorn ceilings may have been
very popular at one time, but they are really impractical. Dirt and dust stay
on such a surface longer and even the best detergents can’t help.
Theme rooms
Theme rooms in marine style or
bedrooms that look like a Pharaon’s palace are examples of bad design. And the
price of the design doesn’t matter, because even million-dollar-worth designs
can be just as terrible as cheap and outdated furniture.
Theme rooms are not that bad
in themselves, but it’s hard to find the right balance when decorating an
apartment. As a result, you get a place that looks like a movie set instead of
a place where you can rest.
Useful things
All the things you use to
decorate an apartment should be simple and useful. For example, a glass
sculpture in a house with children is definitely a designer fail. The same goes
for a huge dining table for a family consisting of 2 people.
Different statue collections,
huge decor objects, and anything that is not in any way useful should be
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
Decals are also on our
blacklist. In most cases, they look inappropriate and they are unsuitable for a
place where adults live.
A good substitution is
paintings and posters. However, decorators warn that these things should take
at least 2/3 of the area if you decide to hang them over your couch. This is
the only way to keep the balance and the right proportions.
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
Huge shutters on the windows
are a thing of the past. In the beginning, only wealthy people bought them in
order to protect their houses from dirt, dust, and too much sunshine. But in modern
apartments, they are useless. It’s hard to get rid of the dust on them and they
make the area of the room appear smaller.
Really little carpets
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
American designers have made a
list of top 30 mistakes that people make when decorating their houses. And a
carpet of the wrong size is one of them: a small carpet makes the proportions
of the room appear wrong.
A carpet should be under the
furniture. Designer Martin Kobus says, “Make sure the front legs of the
furniture are on the carpet so it won’t curl or move.”
Quotes on walls
Online magazine Houzz
published a questionnaire among its readers and asked them if quotes on walls
were cool or silly. Most people were against quotes. “I don’t need a wall that
tells me to love my life or to eat my food,” one of the users replied.
Toilet rug
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
Designers recommend getting
rid of rugs that are usually placed near the toilets. Do you see the rug on the
left picture above? Get rid of it right now if you have it because it’s
unappealing and unsanitary. A great substitution would be a rectangular rug
near the bathroom.
False arches
 16 Apartment Designs That Scream About the Owner’s Bad Taste
Arches are very popular in
houses and apartments of any size. However, not all arches are equally
beautiful. Designers remind us to keep in mind that an arch is good only in a
large area when its shape is similar to the shape of the windows.
The Art-Nouveau arches that
are too big for small apartments don’t look good.
Do you agree with the list
made by designers? Or do you have your own secrets on how to make a house or an
apartment even cozier? Share your opinions in the comments section below!
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