2 Secrets About Plastic Window Frames No One Ever Tells You

That’s why we at Bright Side decided to tell you about two secrets of plastic window frames that will almost certainly turn out to be useful with the onset of winter.

All windows need to be lubricated

It might sound like something very simple, but not that many people know about it. This is why people often call out the handyman straightaway when the handle or the frame mechanism begin to squeak, without knowing that they can solve the problem themselves.

At a minimum, once a year you need to lubricate all the moving parts of your windows with oil. The best kind you can use here is oil made for sewing machines, which can be bought in any textile store. Simply apply a few drops to the window frame’s moving parts.

You need to change the setting of your windows depending on the season

It’s worth noting that you should have your windows on their winter setting during the fall and on the summer setting during the spring. This is actually very simple to do and requires no additional help from a handyman.

How to change the setting on plastic window frames

2 Secrets About Plastic Window Frames No One Ever Tells You

Open the window, and find the locking mechanism. To get your windows set for winter, you need to readjust the pins to an eccentric position. There are many different makes of window frames, but almost all of them have either oval-shaped or circular pins, and they have an opening on the head into which you can fit a key.

2 Secrets About Plastic Window Frames No One Ever Tells You

Insert an Allen key. Usually, these tools come with furniture sets or even with the windows themselves, but if necessary you can buy them cheaply in any hardware store. When turned, the pin will be moved out of line relative to its axis, and this helps to modify the force with which it holds the frame.

2 Secrets About Plastic Window Frames No One Ever Tells You

Most often, when window frames are installed they’re set by default to an interseasonal setting. To find out which setting your windows have been put on, simply insert a piece of paper into the seal of the window. If it comes out easily enough, then it’s on the summer setting. If it’s practically impossible to pull out without tearing it, then the window is on its winter setting.

Why can’t I just leave them on their winter setting all year round?

You can do this, but sooner or later you’ll end up having to replace parts of the window frame. When placed in its winter setting, the pressure on the seal increases significantly. If you keep opening and closing the window when it’s on this setting, then the seal will become worn out. And then you’ll almost certainly need the help of a handyman to fix it.

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