An Island in Greece Is Eager to Pay You to Move There

If you feel a little tired of modernity and want to trade in your stressful days in the city for a quiet life by the sea, this may be the chance of a lifetime. A Greek island is currently looking for residents and is offering a salary to anyone who wants to move there. So, if you’d like to have your own Mamma Mia! adventure, keep reading to learn all the essential details before you start packing.

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An island with a radiant past and a future to plan

An Island in Greece Is Eager to Pay You to Move There

If you travel to the Aegean Sea, you’ll arrive at an island surrounded by turquoise waters hidden in the ocean that holds about 7.89 square miles of nature known as Antikythera. There’s only one town in Antikythera called Potamos. It sounds like a somewhat forgotten place, but the world set its eyes on this small island back in the early 20th century when a 2000-year-old device considered to be the first computer was found here: The Antikythera Mechanism.

Over the decades, the island went back into oblivion, but today it hopes to become the new home to many, and local governors are looking for residents willing to move in.

What will the lucky ones get if they’re selected to change their lives for a Greek adventure?

An Island in Greece Is Eager to Pay You to Move There

Recently, the island launched a repopulation project with the help and sponsorship of the Orthodox Church of Greece. The campaign attempts to attract large families that are willing to change their lives and move to this stunning location. In return, the chosen lucky ones will be rewarded with a house, a portion of land for them to grow food or set up a business on, and a monthly salary of approximately $560 during their first 3 years of residence.

The plan seeks to re-populate the island that is home to only 20 inhabitants today.

An Island in Greece Is Eager to Pay You to Move There

The project arose as a possible solution to the small and declining number of inhabitants on the island, a place that today has only about 20 residents. The island has been losing its community because of a decrease in the birth rate and the migration of young adults to various cities in search of better economic opportunities. Therefore, the project is directed mainly at families with children.

The profile they’re looking for in potential new settlers

An Island in Greece Is Eager to Pay You to Move There

The authorities will give priority to Greek citizen applicants, although, people from any nationality are welcome to apply. In fact, the first families have already moved to Antikythera, and thanks to the new child residents, a local school was able to reopen after being closed for more than 24 years.

A remote but connected island

An Island in Greece Is Eager to Pay You to Move There

If what you’re looking for is to transform your life into an experience full of magnificent views, you may be the kind of citizens that the Antikythera authorities are looking for. But if you’re not yet convinced and have doubts about being disconnected from the world, you should know that you have nothing to worry about. You can find the city bustle just 2 hours away by ferry on the island of Crete, or 4 hours away in Laconia, Greece’s mainland.

Would you dare to shake things up with this opportunity? Have you ever made a decision that gave your life a 180° turn? Tell us in the comments!

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