Artist Jordan Sondler Shows Us: It’s Fresh to be Nostalgic

rock those bananas, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

by Janet Hu
Naive. Nostalgic.
That’s how artist Jordan
Sondler describes her work. There’s something to be said about intentional
naivety. There’s a childlike fearlessness in bright colors and jejune prints
that draws positive attention in the purest way.
Who can object to a little
sunshine? We certainly don’t.
We asked the NYC-based artist
to create a line of socks for us that are emblematic of her work–bold, naive,
and nostalgic:

Jordan Sondler x Alynn Socks
These hand-sketched fruits are
by no means anatomically correct. But they somehow stir vivid memories of
summers past, fruit picking (though when’s the last time you visited a
pineapple orchard?), and devouring watermelon shaped cream pops. As
retro-inspired as the print may be, these socks are certified fresh.
We had the opportunity to ask
Sondler about her work and dip our toes into the delightful crossover of “art
ex fashion.”
Q&A with Jordan Sondler:

Jordan Sondler
What got you started in art
& illustration? What keeps you going?

A high school teacher had
pushed me to pursue illustration going into college, and it stuck! I can’t
imagine doing anything else, to be honest. I love the life I’ve been able to
create for myself because of my career, and that keeps me going.
What are your favorite
illustration tools/methods/processes?

I started using the iPad Pro a
year ago and have never looked back. I used to draw everything by hand in ink.
based in NYC. How has that inspired your work?
New York has been an exciting
place to call home. It’s a great place to be single—you can be as anonymous as
you want, or you can go out of your comfort zone to meet new people. There is
so much going on at all times. I like knowing that NYC’s not going anywhere.
your favorite subject matter or theme to create art about?

life and feelings.
were some of your most exciting projects?
This summer, I had a mural up
on the Lower East Side depicting kissers of all different types. It was wild
seeing that all over the Internet.
Jordan Sondler Kissing Mural Instagram Fomofeed

Jordan Sondler kissing mural instagram
was the concept behind this design for Alynn?
We were trying to come up with
a gender neutral theme, and I also wanted to design something that I would like
to wear myself. Fruit is fun and always on trend! I would wear it every season.

What’s next? Any exciting
projects you’re working on now?

A book! I can’t tell you more
than that though.
is your favorite fruit?

What are some of your hobbies?

Cooking, going to the dog
park, growing my collections of books and records.
Choose one: socks or ties?

Choose one: skirt or pants?

Choose one: button-downs or

Choose one: jeans or chinos?

Choose one: jeans or leggings?

Choose one: no-show socks or
mid-calf socks?

Mid-calf socks.
Favorite footwear to
complement these Alynn socks?

Doc Martens.
What do you do when you lose a
single sock? Throw out the stray sock, or wear mismatched socks?

Hoard the sock in the back of
a drawer and hope its mate reappears one day!
Janet Hu
Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.