Basics: How to Look Good in a Polo

Bringing the classic back to

Written by Salvatore Marashi

You know the polo. Chances are
you were forced to squeeze into one at some point in your childhood. Now you’re
discovering that just maybe they’re actually worth wearing. All that stands in
the way are punishing flashbacks of your school uniform polo. For this entry in
our basics series, we dish out what you need to know about men’s polo style so
you can look more smart-casual and less disgruntled child.
History of the Polo

History of the Men's Polo Shirt Style
Military workwear has birthed
many a great menswear staple. The same goes for polo shirts which came about in
the eighteen hundreds. British soldiers in India discovered the sport of polo
and it quickly became all the rage. As the sport grew in popularity, players
clamored for a more effective uniform. The long sleeve, button-down shirts of
the off-duty military men weren’t cutting it. Renovations to the look came with
transitioning to short-sleeves and keeping the collar buttoned down. Thus the
polo shirt started to take form.
In the early nineteen
hundreds, tennis legend Jean Rene Lacoste invented what is the modern take on
it. In addition to completing the look aesthetically, he switched up the
material as well. He transitioned to pique cotton, making his shirts far more
breathable due to its style of weaving. With that Lacoste started to popularize
the polo. Soon other companies like Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry jumped on the
trend. From then on, it has been a part of menswear ever since.

Understanding the Polo

How To Style A Men's Polo
Polos get a bad wrap. When
done right they are, dare I say it, cool. A good polo is somewhere between
preppy and badass. To avoid the schoolboy look, you’re going to want to amp
things up. Here’s just how to do it.

Every Color you Could Want:

Every Men's Polo Color You Could Want
Look for colors out of the
humdrum, bright pastels that all of your dad’s golf buddies wear. Try blues,
browns, and blacks with pops of color in the logos. Muted colors work great
The color you choose goes a
long way in making your polo more of a sartorial move rather than a quick mall
pick up. Overly bright colors like lime green or neon pink should be avoided at
all costs.

Polo Styling Done Right:

How You Should Style Your Mens Polo Shirt
Making a polo actually look
cool isn’t as hard as it might seem. Pair them with tailored chinos or a
beat-up pair of jeans. Finish things off with a leather jacket or bomber. Some
cool accessories aren’t a bad idea either. Now you have a put together look
that still is stylish as all hell.

All about the Materials:

All the Best Materials For A Polo
As far as the polo itself,
there’s no need to stick to the traditional piqued cotton. Materials like
velour or toweling are unique choices that’ll definitely steer you away from
boring. Just make sure it’s still comfortable and breathable.
The wrong material can make
wearing these a sweaty affair.

The Fit is Crucial:

How Your Polo Should Fit
Fit wise, a polo is a dressier
option than a t-shirt so it should resemble that. Nothing too baggy. Instead,
they should be tailored pieces that cling well to your body and make for a
sleek look. Focusing on fit also helps to modernize the look.
Shelling out a few extra
dollars will only make this easier. Cheaper prices mean more uniform cuts which
rarely look good on anyone.
Our Polo Picks:


The OG in polos. Lacoste polos
bring classic and trendy colors to their looks. With great cuts and fitted
designs, you’ll have a hard time going wrong.
Ralph Lauren:

A mainstay in the polo game,
Ralph Lauren has a plethora of polos to choose from. If none of the colors or
styles fit exactly the way you want, their “design your own” feature is the
Fred Perry:

Throwing any notions of stuffy
Catholic school style out the window, Fred Perry polos brings some serious
coolness. If you’re ever wondering what polo’s the most stylish men are
wearing, a good bet are these. Whether you care about that or not, you’ll look
damn cool in one.
John Varvatos:

Perhaps the pinnacle of cool
meets fashion, John Varvatos polos are a solid choice for guys looking to make
the most of their basics. While usually on the pricier side, their polos are a
steal. Pair with some dark-wash jeans and you’ll have a winning combination.
Our Look

             Polo Shirt Style Flat Lay
Polos have so much untapped
potential. Any of these choices will hit the smart-casual look right in the
Tell us how you style your
polos below!

Salvatore Marashi

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