Basics: Undeniable Cool Style With The Black T-Shirt

Essential menswear you must

Written by Salvatore Marashi

The black t-shirt is
undeniably cool. Like a great pair of jeans, every man should own a black
t-shirt. What other single pieces of clothing simultaneously conveys a sense of
effortless style and a badass attitude? There’s a reason black tees have been a
staple of men’s fashion for ages. Here are our picks for the best black tees
out there, so you can get to upgrade your look.

Everlane Black
What’s better than an ultra
soft and definitively cool black t-shirt? A sustainable, ultra soft and
definitively cool black t-shirt from one of the most eco-conscious brands on
the planet. 

J-Crew Black
J-Crew has revolutionized
men’s wear. They’re responsible for getting lots of guys to start caring about
their fashion. Going from there, J-Crew makes some truly great essentials. In
comes their black t-shirt. Broken in and faded just right, their t-shirts look
like the ones you should have been wearing for years.
Buck Mason

Buck Mason Black
Making some of our favorite
tees on the market, Buck Mason nails it again with their black t-shirt.
Striking the perfect balance between breathable and sturdy, their tees are
great for layering or standing out all on their own.

COS Black
If you’re the kind of guy that
likes to keep things simple, COS is your go to. COS exudes minimalism to
perfection. Their black tees are ultra lightweight, making them incredibly
Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone Black 
Somehow everything Rag and
Bone touches turn to cool. The base black tee at Rag and Bone is the shirt
you’ll find yourself wearing every day. With a bit of a loose, relaxed style,
their t-shirts are a great choice for guys willing to shell out a little more
money for their shirts. 
Black t-shirts are one of the
most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Let us know where your favorite comes
Salvatore Marashi

Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.