Hi dear friend, I hope you have been making the most of the weekend? It’s an opportunity to pray more, seek God more, disconnect from religion and truly enter a personal relationship with God via His word and His Spirit. Where you know His voice and become acquainted with His impressions inside your heart. Where you become intimate with His heart. And beyond the words on the pages of a Bible or the sermon of a preacher, you know your Lord as a person knows a friend, a master, a mate, and neighbor. Make sure you develop intimacy. Don’t ever waste this season.

The question before us today is “what does it mean to have redemption through the blood of Jesus?” To answer this question in the simplest way possible, we will say Redemption means to buy-back. That we have been bought back from the kingdom of Sin (Sin is synonymous for Satan; they are one and the same, inseparable.) and brought into the kingdom of Light.

As encouraging as that definition may sound it is still not enough to help us understand what happened when the blood of Jesus was shed to REDEEM us. Think of it this way; if you bought a slave back and redeemed them from a wicked slave master and brought them into your home, your efforts have only changed the physical status and some part of the emotional status of the slave, but in the depth of it the slave will still have slave-thinking, slave-speaking, slave-sleeping, slave approach to issues; that just taking them off the slave market and bringing them into your home will not change.

This should make you think that the general definition of redemption by the blood has limited what we expected from redemption.

“It is impossible for us to think too highly of or to expect too much from the power of Jesus’ Blood”

Andrew Murray

When God redeemed you by the blood, He not only bought you back, but He also initiated a total change that exists inside you to erase all of the traces of the life and thinking of the slavery you had to Sin. Redemption by the blood went into your life source and rewrote the source code of your being and goes on to effect the new code in every aspect of your being and life. Today, I want to broaden your understanding of the redemption that you have so that your faith can grow.

The true story I share next illustrates what happened to you and is currently happening to you through the power of the blood of Jesus inside your life and system. As you read let the Holy Ghost breathe on you and cause God’s wisdom to come alive upon you. I pray your heart receives grace and insight in Jesus name.

There was a little girl (her name for the sake of this publication will be Molly). Molly was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma cancer. After multiple treatments, the doctors concluded that without a bone transplant she would not live. If a compatible donor could be found for Molly, the infused BLOOD cells of the donor would travel to the bone marrow and initiate new healthy BLOOD cell production.

So, the race began. An extensive search for the perfect match began in her family, among her friends, her community, and even across the United States; but it seemed this donor would never be found. After several months of searching, a possible match was located. Then when tests confirmed they could proceed with the bone marrow transplant of the healthy donor to little Molly everybody went agog!

The transplant process involved killing off little Molly’s infected BLOOD cells before introducing the donor’s cells into her body. The infused BLOOD cells of the donor would travel to the bone marrow and then initiate BLOOD cell production. The transplant was a success. However, the most amazing things about the transplant were the changes that occurred in little Molly afterward. (The results of the transplant can be compared to the new birth of someone who receives Jesus as their Savior. Where the old nature of sin died with Jesus on the cross and a new spirit from God came alive on the inside of you.) Molly’s body was drastically changed forever. Not only was the unseen bone marrow and BLOOD type completely changed and her health restored, Molly’s skin, hair, and eye color were also biologically altered to match that of the one who donated their BLOOD to her.  So, she doesn’t look like her parents again or any of her family members. Just by taking another’s BLOOD, her biology and physical appearance were altered. Now if Molly ever needed an organ transplant in the future, the match would not be found in her natural family, but in the donor’s.

What happened to Molly is what happened to you in Redemption. When God brought you home into His kingdom from Sin’s slave market, He killed all of sin’s seed inside you and infused His blood into your system. Your eye color, hair color, skin color, all changed to look like God in your spirit. When we scan your spirit now, we will not find its match in Adam or any of your ancestors but only in God. Just like Molly accepting another’s BLOOD became biologically disconnected from her natural parents and BLOODline, you also by receiving the BLOOD of Jesus was spiritually disconnected from Adam and connected to God through His Son. The core of your being is linked and plugged into the flow of God’s BLOODline, God’s life. The only place your original life and match can be found is in God’s kingdom and BLOODline. This should make you get up, shake yourself and know that power lies inside you. This has also affected your soul (thinking styles, feeling and choosing). So that your soul which was infected with Sin now longs after God.

Now that is not all, the BLOOD of Jesus is the most powerful force in all of heaven and earth. That BLOOD cleansed God’s heart of wrath towards a sinful world and cleansed man of guilt and condemnation towards God. That BLOOD opened your heart to receive God and opened God’s heart and all of heaven to receive you. That BLOOD extracted out of man, Sin in its entirety and turns a sinner into a saint. That’s a lot. To turn a sinful man into a saint before God.

Furthermore, the BLOOD of Jesus has God’s life in it and God’s life is immune to all works of Satan. All of Sin, any kind of sickness, Ill-luck, shame, poverty, moral decadence, and anything that can go wrong with you has been overcome by the BLOOD. That BLOOD nullifies death itself and that BLOOD flows in your life. It flows in your spirit, in your health, in your marriage, in your business, in your nature and personality, it flows over your finances and investment. Why?

Because you were bought with that BLOOD and everything you own is under the BLOOD.

So today, God wants you to take a deep breath and realize how much power is invested upon your life so that you allow your faith to come alive in the power of the BLOOD. The Blood of Jesus is relevant in every area of your life. Every area of your life you can think of is accessible to the blood and will respond to the BLOOD if you plead it. You need to make a habit of declaring the power of the BLOOD and what it has done for you. Pleading the BLOOD of Jesus on yourself, your spirit, your soul and body, plead the BLOOD on your kids and spouse, on bad habits and ungodly thoughts, on bad behavioral patterns and reactions you noticed in yourself, on your job and finances, on your health and investments, plead the BLOOD on your comprehension of Bible truths, plead the BLOOD on your prayer time. The BLOOD of Jesus carries in it everything Jesus is and everything Jesus has done for you.

Pleading the BLOOD in absolute faith will make real in your life the full right and privileges of redemption. Trust God to enact the BLOOD-protocol in your life as you plead it.

Your BLOODline has been changed like Molly, you share the same DNA with Jesus and God, our Father. Live your life in the BLOOD. Put your faith in the BLOOD. You have been BLOOD bought, BLOOD washed and BLOOD blessed. You are a BLOODy child of God.

Till next week, plead the blood daily. There’s God’s life in the BLOOD.

Joel Osoba
Joel Osoba is a bible teacher and businessman focused on teaching and inspiring people to find, follow and fulfill God's plan for their life. He believes that finding, following and fulfilling God's plans is the true meaning of success in life. Joel blogs at LifeSpringWeb