The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.
Don’t be insane this year. Stop the new year rat-race before it begins.
If you take nothing away from this article, take this away “throughout 2021, you must be saying the right things out of your mouth, and these words must be fueled by genuine and powerful encounters you have with God in His word as you prayerfully read your bible”.
You have a sense of worth, a sense of value. You believe that all things being equal you can go over and beyond your current level of productivity at work, business and enjoy a richer, more real, more confident and more secure relationship with any kind of person.
The deep desires of your heart are connected to having control and being in charge of yourself.
Furthermore, you’d love to properly manage your situations with the perfection that gives you a sense of satisfaction and gets you celebrated by people.
Perfection is something you crave but after several efforts, one thing has become clear – you are flawed beyond what your personal efforts can repair. There’s always something or two or three or more than just seem to make you act in imperfect ways and corrode your sense of confidence and perfection before God and men. You lose your temper, you talk too much, you are quite unfriendly, you are too friendly, you are impatient, you are slow to act… bla bla bla… the list can go on.
These things eat deeply enough to weaken your drive towards life and your true goals and desires. You sometimes quietly believe some achievements are not attainable for you and you excuse yourself from pursuing them.
I have had to deal with this personally and I found a cure. The issue is you are trying to be perfect and consistent but you don’t need to be. You can’t improve on yourself actually. It’s too much strain trying to achieve personal development through self-will and self-efforts. However, you can take-up a transferred-perfection.
Whereby you put on this transferred-perfection like a dress and it becomes the perfection that is expressed through you and seen on you.
Putting on this transferred-perfection has a two-way effect. Inwardly and outwardly.
1. It boosts how satisfied you are with yourself, simultaneously increasing your confidence, love and appreciation for yourself.
2.  It magnifies your strengths and regulates your imperfections making them perceived as beautiful when you relate with other people. Some people will wish to have your weaknesses.
When these two things are achieved, it puts your mind at rest with the strength to focus and maintain a consistent spiritual walk with God throughout the year. This consistency flows into other areas of your life. Affecting your job, business, family, relationship, habits and routines.
Therefore, you want to apply the brakes on your strenuous efforts and exercise of will-power so that you can start living a perfect life by putting-on a transferred perfection. Don’t start that rat race this year. take a different route. Jesus gave His life for you so that you won’t have to perish. The struggle you experience in trying to be perfect and consistent is making you suffer what Jesus has already paid for with His blood.
You never need to struggle to be perfect for one day again in your entire life. Just understand the truths of God’s word shared in this article and put it into practice and you will be well on your way to living in consistent victory over sin and self (personality tendencies and weaknesses) all your life.
I will say no more here. Thank you for reading this short piece. Let it sink in. Kindly proceed to the B part (next week) of this post, to digest the 10 action-based steps to achieve and master confident and consistent living. God bless and keep you.
Joel Osoba
Joel Osoba is a bible teacher and businessman focused on teaching and inspiring people to find, follow and fulfill God's plan for their life. He believes that finding, following and fulfilling God's plans is the true meaning of success in life. Joel blogs at LifeSpringWeb