Hi there, today, I will be sharing on the dimensions to using the power of life that is activated through your words. At the turn of the year, I was impressed by the Lord to share on the importance of words in connection with the destiny of God’s people this year and the following years in this decade. I encourage you to follow this series as it promises to be God giving you a framework for using your words effectively.

Words are primarily meant to convey unseen realities. For example, a person can have joy in her heart, and her colleague at work is unhappy. All she needs to do is simply inject that joy on the inside into her words and speak them in a proper way to her colleague and in a few minutes the unhappiness is gone and both parties are smiling and enlivened. The joy was unseen but she transferred it to another through words of encouragement.

The words we speak jokingly or seriously will set the boundaries of our lives and destiny. Creating the experiences of our lives. Words are the conduits of the unseen and spiritual realm into the physical and material universe. Regardless of what God has said if we say contradicting things we end up cutting off the flow of God’s intentions towards us.

Philemon 1:6 says in essence that the substance of our faith will only materialize when we articulate with words the things that we interact with from the presence of God. Words are conveyors. Words are thoughts capsules.

In your relationship with men, learn to speak words intentionally to bless, appease, please and elate others. It is a master skill of life; to know how to use words as a tool to get predictable positive results.

We quote Mark 11: 23 and declare the power of speaking words of faith, but Jesus started the conversation in verse 22 by saying “Have faith in God” which means as a Christian you cannot successfully practice the word of Faith in verse 23 without having faith in God. And to have faith in God is to be persuaded in God’s word that you received from God while you were spending time with Him.

This principle is not the new-age self-affirmation garbage thrown around on the internet, this is a practice rooted in spending time with God and hearing Him speak and then speaking to yourself, your situation, and material world, what you heard Him say.

We will focus on the positive uses of words throughout this series. To know the negative effects of words just flip the positive effects and the damages words can do become glaring.

The Prophetic Dimension of Your Words.

In the prophetic dimension, you are speaking to reveal and declare the intentions and purposes of God. The prophetic Dimension is a revelatory dimension that sets the boundaries of your experience and defines the possibilities that can happen in your life. The prophetic dimension creates the womb where all the other activities of your life can be incubated upon and hatched. If there’s no prophetic dimension to your words your efforts will lack direction and meaningful advancement. You will be exerting a lot of energy but with nothing impressive to show for it. In this dimension, you are in partnership with God in Revelations (insights. inspirations, dreams or anything that reveals.)

Direction, Space (map out your boundaries and territories), Seasons, Possibilities, and Identity.

The prophetic dimension speaks words of hope. The hope of the Christian in the bible is different from the loose use of the word hope by non-Christians. Our hope is sure and steadfast. it is reliable enough for God to work with and deliver in reality.

Visions: This has to do with seeing the direction and benchmark of God for your life, family, business, and the possibilities apportioned to them. Then speaking these directions to yourself first and putting it in writing. The vision dimension creates room for your life to find expression in the realms of men. You set a direction for anything in your life by speaking words that describe the end you have in mind (as received from God in prayer or meditation). One reason people have watchwords for the year is to set the prophetic direction of their lives in the year. The vision of a company is prophetic in nature; the only thing that makes your vision different is that it is not born of mere ambition but by interacting with the spirit of God that shows you things to come. You should set the prophetic direction for everything in your life, family, and business by declaring your end from the beginning.

Space: The world is full of men with diverse activities going on; that there is barely any space for someone new and emerging. It is when you speak prophetically about God’s intentions for you in prayer especially, that your words move people and things aside to map out territories for your destiny to find expression. You can speak words that create space for you in any country or market or industry in the world. the words you receive from God will create your space, mapping out your territory, and securing your inheritances. So the market share or property you need for your affairs is locked in the power of life released in your words.

Seasons: According to Hebrews 11:3, we discover that times and seasons, and the dispensations of the lives of men are formed by the words spoken by God. Therefore, sit down or stand up, anyhow, and receive words that describe the dispensations of your life from God. And since you are like God, then without trying to adjust the words you get, speak them boldly over yourself to establish the environment for the events that are to unfold for you. Seasons set the spiritual climate for the success of your activities and they also help you know what to focus on and what to put on the back burner.

Possibilities: When you rise up and declare that gentiles will come to your light (Isaiah 60:3) or you declare that you break forth on the right and on the left (Isaiah 54:3) you are declaring the possibilities within a season you have seen in the realms of God’s Spirit. You might have seen a season of harvest and by declaring Isaiah 60:3 your words go forth to cause the right relationships to walk into your life, or according to Isaiah 54:3 the harvest comes by first opening new offices; because it says “you will break forth on the right hand and on the left”. In the Prophetic dimension, you speak possibilities.

Identity: As you spend time with God, one of the things that you will increasingly become aware of is your generic identity in Christ. An identity that is common to all believers. You begin to see yourself how God sees you in Christ. You begin to see that you have been created like Jesus in your spirit just like every other Christian – great or small. Then secondly you begin to see your unique identity, just like Jeremiah was a battle-ax, John saw himself as a forerunner, Moses saw himself as a deliverer, Jesus saw himself as the Savior. You will see your specialty and specific identity. As you see this you’re in-Christed identity you must speak it over yourself prophetically. Setting the direction for your character reformation and spiritual growth.

As you get acquainted with this practice the next step is to start using your words in the CREATIVE dimension. To create the realities of your prophetic declaration. This will be our next topic in this series.

Thank you for reading through this, I sure trust that it helped you. Kindly drop a comment or question and I will be glad to respond and be of help.

Till next time, keep speaking prophetically.

Jesus is Lord!

Joel Osoba
Joel Osoba is a bible teacher and businessman focused on teaching and inspiring people to find, follow and fulfill God's plan for their life. He believes that finding, following and fulfilling God's plans is the true meaning of success in life. Joel blogs at LifeSpringWeb