Hello Everyone.

Today, we look at Hope and what the Holy Bible says about it. Please enjoy.

The Faith walk of the woman with the issue of blood began with a step thus:

“When she had heard OF Jesus, Came… For she SAID…”

The word “OF” stood out in my mind as I read through this passage recently. The word “OF” could also mean “FROM” in particular contexts.

For example, 1st John 5:4 “we are OF GOD little children…” the word “OF” in this context could read “we are FROM God little children…”  And would not at all change the message the Apostle John wanted to communicate, it could even make it more enlightening. So going back to the Woman with the issue of blood the line could read “When she had heard FROM Jesus she came in the press Behind…”

So, the first question What have you done after you heard from Jesus?

The woman had hope (psalm 119:49) when she heard from Jesus Christ and she started speaking words and she converted her hope to faith by speaking words consistent with the revealed will of God.

The woman with the issue said something that made her came. What have we done with the scripture or word, we heard of Jesus “are we saying anything, are we coming?”

Do we act on what we hear or we just archive it as a good one?

There’s always something we must do after we hear ‘from’ or ‘of’ Jesus Christ.

And the first thing to do is to SAY: Frame a confession from what we hear that describes how the power of Jesus will avail in the situation we are faced with.

For the woman with the issue she heard of (testimonies about the works of Jesus Christ) and she was driven to go get hers.

Now she wrote her ticket with God.

As soon as she heard she framed her confession in such a way that described what she would do to have the power of Jesus work in her life and what she was saying drove her action “She came”.

So let’s go get out some of the things we heard from Jesus and start saying it in a way that our minds understand to contact the power of God. It’s a time to act on what we hear…

Stay filled, stay sharp, stay loving, stay happy stay blessed in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Joel Osoba
Joel Osoba is a bible teacher and businessman focused on teaching and inspiring people to find, follow and fulfill God's plan for their life. He believes that finding, following and fulfilling God's plans is the true meaning of success in life. Joel blogs at LifeSpringWeb