The major concern of a lot of people is about maintaining consistency. The year is new, a lot of energy, goals, passions, prophecies and all the whatnots, but by February some folks are back to their imperfect lives. With no confidence and a hurting conscience due to several mistakes and failures made in less than two months.
In line with the train of thought in the last post, the following things are thoughts you should act on to put on the transferred-perfection of Jesus so that it is expressed through you every day. And that way you can maintain a consistent spiritual fervor to carry you through the year.
I.       Realize that Jesus is the only perfect person, and all forms of perfect behavior you can desire are achieved and resident in Him. He is perfection personified and He has made provisions for His perfection to be transferred to you. For your daily living. For your use in any kind of situation you may require; spontaneously or planned. Romans 8: 1-4 The passion translation.
II.       Realize that you do not attain perfection by striving to be. Rather you first obtain perfection and then allow it to express itself through you on a daily basis. That is how you master the operation.
III.       Realize that your imperfect self was put to death on the cross with Jesus. So stop trying to improve on it. It is dead. And when you accepted Jesus as Lord, He moved into your heart as His residence. So that He can now express His perfect nature through you. He moved in to live His life through your life. Your life is no longer your old life but a new Life that is owned by Jesus. You have to make this adjustment in your thinking and let Him express this new perfect-life through you. Romans 6:4, 6, & 11, Galatians 2:20 New International Version (NIV)
IV.       You give expression to the transferred-perfection of Jesus, by faith. You don’t need to feel perfect, you don’t have to program your responses or monitor your behavior towards life and people. All you need to do is trust. Once you activate the trust that Jesus is living in you and through you, you will live freely and happily without having to be self-conscious. You become Jesus-Conscious. Romans 5:1, 2Cor 5:7 The passion Translation (TPT).
V.        You activate the trust (Faith) by allowing God to speak to you as He inspires His word inside your heart when you read through the bible. Romans 10:17 The passion Translation (TPT)
VI.       The inspired words you receive from God in the bible should be spoken with focus out of your lips to affirm and stir yourself. Your words have a way of affecting your senses and emotions to the point of regulating your physical body if you speak intentionally with focus. It doesn’t work like magic. It takes the process of time for you to start experiencing their full effects.
Therefore, you must stay with it and don’t expect alarming results by the evening of your third day. However, if you pay attention you will start noticing effects. Romans 10:10, Proverbs 18:21 The passion Translation (TPT).
VII.      You should repeat the process in 5 and 6 above on a daily basis by spending time in prayerful and meditative bible-reading. The way you express this transferred-perfection is by spending time in God’s word and then speaking the inspired verses you get from God’s spirit inside you, out of your lips to your hearing. Your mouth must be speaking God’s inspired words and positive words throughout this year 2021 and all the days of your life.
VIII.      Avoid speaking any form of negative words to describe yourself. Also, avoid speaking negative words to describe others with the intention of injuring them with your words. Submit your tongue to the spirit of Jesus inside you. Tell the Holy Spirit to help you by notifying you when you say something foul out of your lips. and immediately he does, stop and ask God for forgiveness and reverse the statement to a positive one.
IX.       Learn to speak directly from your spirit not just from your mind. Do this by speaking inspired utterances or bible verses regularly out of your mouth. Do this in prayer and also spontaneously any time it comes to mind. If you have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, then exercise yourself by speaking in tongues. You can also tame your tongue by regularly singing praise and worship to God from your spirit.
X.       When you make mistake don’t fret or get anxious thinking the process is not working. Don’t do that. Always stop and ask God to forgive you. God doesn’t keep grudges, and He’s not deaf. If you
asked his forgiveness he heard you, then go on and give thanks in the face of seeming defeats and imperfection. Don’t fret or get discouraged. Do nothing else but thank God that regardless of your flaws you have received the transferred-perfection and it is working. Maintain this attitude of thanksgiving every time. It is the way to defeat the lies of the enemy that seeks to mock your efforts and faith. And you will, on the other hand, give God the room to help you grow in faith and express the transferred perfection of Jesus Christ.
XI.       Thanksgiving is the lubricant that makes the process of faith go smoothly otherwise your faith engine will get cranky and fail. Be addicted to thanksgiving for your faith to soar beyond your personal efforts.
Do these things and you will be a perfect and consistent person.
Thank you for reading through. Kindly do the due diligence to practice what you have learnt. God
bless and keep you.
Joel Osoba
Joel Osoba is a bible teacher and businessman focused on teaching and inspiring people to find, follow and fulfill God's plan for their life. He believes that finding, following and fulfilling God's plans is the true meaning of success in life. Joel blogs at LifeSpringWeb