Hi dear friend, you are welcome. Today you will read something practical about your words and you will henceforth speak with intent and expect results.

Think about this: To build a house, you will need the plan by an architect and a piece of land, to begin with. Then you proceed to get building materials and laborers to develop your plan into an edifice. So you have the first phase of creating a plan and the second phase of erecting a structure by fusing materials.

Your words accomplish these two stages in the events of your life. They create a blueprint (The prophetic Dimension) and then they build (Creative power). The creative Dimension of your words is about speaking for effect. Speaking to form the tangible effects of your words.

The difference between prophetic use of your words and the creative use is that; the former has a futuristic tone to it, using the words like; “will” or “shall” while the latter carries a force of immediacy and effect.

When you want to speak for effect and use your words to create things, you have to switch from speaking in a futuristic sense to speaking as if the things you desire are already done. When you speak this way, you are speaking with the force of creation. God in His capacity as creator, calls things that are not as they were (Romans 4:17). And you being His offspring have been designed to use the same power in your words.

Therefore, after you have heard from God and have set the direction and blueprint for your life you need to start speaking creatively. Speaking to build and effect the plans of God for your life. Waking up daily and declaring things that are apparently not in your life as if they already are. As you do this, they begin to take effect.

Let’s take an example so that you can go on to practice this immediately you are done reading. If you notice that you fall short in an area of your character, say impatience; the bible teaches that the love of God is shed abroad inside your spirit and that you already have the ability to be patient inside you. To effect/create this patience as your character in relating with others you have to call yourself a patient person and don’t get discouraged and quit because your words are a contrast to your actions.

Remember that you are building and you build by speaking about things that are not yet apparent as if they already existed. And with consistent practice coupled with praise and thanksgiving to God who is the ultimate creator, your words begin to take form on you and reshape the nature of your soul, hence your character and all other areas you desire fruits.

You can create or recreate anything or anyone you have an influence on with your words. You can create better attitudes into your spouse or children with your words. By calling them what they are not as if they are. You can regulate the activities of your staff by speaking words that cause them to do you only good and no harm.

As you daily go about your goals and fulfilling your vision, speak with the creative dimension and power of your words. Call things that be not as though they were and they will become. And above all your words are only as potent as their source. Therefore, if the source of your words are the encounters you have in your spirit while you were spending time with God, then they have the highest amount of power there ever is. Speak from your spirit. Your spirit is the “Holies of Holies” of your life-temple, God dwells in your spirit therefore regularly utter words from the depths of your spirit man to create the things you desire.

The quickest way to ruin this power of your words is to not spend time with God in prayer and bible reading and think you are self-sufficient. You are only as effective as the quality of time you spend fellowshipping with God your father and following the direction of His Spirit inside you. Don’t forget this.

Thank You And God Bless You. See You Next Time.

Joel Osoba
Joel Osoba is a bible teacher and businessman focused on teaching and inspiring people to find, follow and fulfill God's plan for their life. He believes that finding, following and fulfilling God's plans is the true meaning of success in life. Joel blogs at LifeSpringWeb