It brings perfect order and alignment when couples (married man and woman) discover and follow
the blue prints of God’s plan and designated roles and patterns for parenting.
There’s nothing wrong for a woman to discover and know the names of children from God, it is a recorded pattern in scripture. When some special children were going to come into the earth through a woman, the angel of the Lord or the Lord himself will appear to the woman and reveal to her the name, purpose and destiny of that child and instruct her on how to parent the child, guide him/her.
Hagar for Ishmael (Genesis 16:7-13)
Rebekah for Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:21-26)
Manoah’s wife for Samson (Judges 13:2-16)
                    IV.       Mary for Jesus. (Luke:1 :26-38)
And in some cases based on the experiences of the woman, and the desire of her heart before she
was pregnant with the child, or while carrying the child or in the moment of birthing the child she can give a name out of that emotional cocktail she’s submerged in at that instance in time, and those emotions are deep and can be positive or negative, in pain, and erroneous. if the experiences and emotions are painful and in the negative the healthy thing to do is restrain herself
from pronouncing a name on the child or the father must immediately nullify the negative name and pronounce a right name and good name just like in the case of Rachel birthing Benjamin in Jacob’s presence. Examples of these are;
Seth Gen 4:25
Benjamin (Benoni) Gen 35:16-21
Ichabod 1 Sam 4:21
                    IV.       Samuel 1 Sam 1:20
And throughout scripture we see the role women play in naming children. A woman has a connection to the child that the father does not have and vice versa but the bond is somewhat very strong and binding between a woman and her child so much that God honors it because he is the one that created it so. Eve named Seth, Pharaoh’s daughter named Moses, Hannah named Samuel, Rachel gave Benjamin his first name Benoni but Jacob reversed it from sorrow (Benon) to strength (Benjamin). And in this instance we see the role of the man in naming a child, a man receives the name from the woman and discerns it to make sure it is accurate then allows it stay on the child or he changes it if he deems it unfit.
The man carries the blueprint of the child’s destiny and journey in life, it is encoded in his spirit, he may not speak about it but he knows when something is not accurate, (I’m talking about a Spiritual man now, a man that gives himself to God and is an active and participatory priest over his wife and home) so when the woman says a name for the child the man is to listen and check it’s accuracy and do nothing to alter it if it is accurate, he shouldn’t out of ego change it or alter it he should stamp it, if it fits, but more often than not the name comes to the woman.
In some cases like Solomon, the name and revelation (1 Chronicles 22:9) came to David the father because David was king and he had the power from God to put any of his sons on the throne, the wife couldn’t do that and any attempt from her would be deemed manipulative so God had to route it through David to establish his will and make it enforced. And you will see how this played out when David became old and other of his sons were making themselves kings, David had to veto Solomon onto the throne thereby discrediting other princes who wanted to usurp and lay claim to God’s throne over Israel.
Abraham named Isaac, the revelation behind the name was exposed by Sarah Genesis 21:1-7. 75% of the time women name children in the bible, men endorse it if the men are present -being present in this case mean active spiritual participation and priesthood in the life of the family, the woman and children. And submission is a great mystery to enhance the power, influence and destiny of a woman, submission is actually honoring a man, it means seeing him naked and all his weaknesses and still holding him in regard and honor from the heart and respecting the man as a Divine entity, a representative of God a priest and a prophet that should never be dishonored. This doesn’t mean the woman is subservient or a slave, never, men and woman are co-heir and equal heirs of the inheritance Of God in Christ Jesus, none is less than the other, but the woman in matters of authority in the home should give honor and defer to the man to call the shot and in doing this she gets into a place that she becomes the most influential person in the life of the man, so much that the man in authority will never do anything without taking her advice and counsel and here she can inject all of her wisdom in sound counsel into the dealings of the man and home.
There are some men who are not worthy of the submission of women they are the men who have not submitted to God and who do not respect a woman and are not themselves ready to submit to a woman; yes, a man should submit to a woman. It is God’s will (Eph 5: 21-24).
This is a deep interaction of both submission and authority.
Joel Osoba
Joel Osoba is a bible teacher and businessman focused on teaching and inspiring people to find, follow and fulfill God's plan for their life. He believes that finding, following and fulfilling God's plans is the true meaning of success in life. Joel blogs at LifeSpringWeb