Cakes or Gifts: What is your take on
Valentine’s Day?

Penultimate Friday, I
was in ‘Cakes and Cream’ on an errand to get a ‘betday’ cake for a
super boss and I could not help but notice the atmosphere – A lot of
preparations for Valentines’ day. I saw some Valentine-themed cakes and I was
wowed. It is obvious that the staff of the company and others alike will be
overwhelmed with countless pre-orders and wonderful designs to celebrate
Lover’s day. I totally believe that the day has been conceptualized to mean
something somewhat different. “He
has to take me out” “You have to buy me a gift o
” These
phases are popular sentences at this time of the year. “If, he loves you, he will take you out on
Val’ day
” Yeah, we are familiar with that too. “He is not with you on Feb. 14 because he is out with another
Hmm, that one too.

swiftly on, on my way back from ‘Cakes and Cream’, I boarded a ‘Keke’ with
another guy and a ‘chic’ and they started talking about cakes and valentines’
day. “Would you like a cake for
Vals’ day?”
The guy was asking the chic. “Hmm, well, a cake won’t be a bad idea, especially the red velvet cake“.
‘Chics’ sebi form sha! I was
seriously ears dropping; He also asked her how many cakes she gets on her
‘betday’. She replied in a similar manner. “At
least, on the average, I get one cake on my ‘betday’
” Am sure you want
to know what I was thinking; “Na
today? ‘Betday’ cake ko, ‘betday’ cake ni.”
As a sharp guy, I could
deduce that from the look of things, this ‘chic’ is a new catch and he is
seriously trying to wow her. Don’t doubt my street instincts o, I have been
there a couple of times, I know the feeling. So, they continued their
conversation till they alighted at Salvation bus stop, Opebi. 

let’s get back to our conversation about Valentine’s Day, I believe the best
thing is to educate my readers on the reason for February 14th and
issues surrounding it existence and significance. 
to, Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. Originating as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or more early saints named ‘Valentinus’, Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country. (Source:

last Wednesday, a friend told me about her experience on a fateful valentine’s
day, she noted that she regretted the idea of hanging out with a male friend on
that day some years ago and she would never repeat such. She also remembered
amid laughter how she had to go back home when she noticed that she carried a
red bag to work on February 14. “I
immediately returned home o. I had to change the bag to another one. Everyone
was wearing a touch of red and I was like; what is happening today? before I
remembered it was Val. I won’t even take a walk with a guy on Val”
concluded jokingly.

I am sure you guys want to know what my plan/plans for Valentine’s Day is/are;
Okay, as a sharp guy, I will not be taking anybody out (“wait, is there somebody to even take out sef?”) on that special
day because it is not special to me and I will be at work but I will make sure
I get a wonderful cake to celebrate the day with the most important people in
my life – my family. Will you do the same? Do you have a different plan? Please
share your opinions in the comment box.
a wonderful Val.
Bless Us All
Oluwole Sheriff
Oluwole Olusanya
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