Camouflage Styling: The Stand Out Guide

Don’t blend in anymore, here’s
everything you need to make an impression in camo

Written by Salvatore Marashi

Camouflage is all about
blending in right? Not anymore. Camouflage is all about combining timeless
menswear style with casual streetwear cool. That being said, pulling off camo
takes a careful touch. Here’s a little style advice you get you hitting the
History of Camouflage

History of Camouflage
For most of the classical and
early modern warfare, soldiers dressed to stand out. Without modern technology,
communication on the battlefield was a nightmare. In lieu of radios and drones,
soldiers communicated their movements through flags and uniforms.
During the seventeenth and
eighteenth centuries, battlefields were filled with the fog of gunpowder. This
made the importance of visible uniforms paramount. However, as warfare changed
so too did the needs of soldiers. During the Spanish-American war, U.S troops
took to smearing mud on their fatigues to avoid being spotted by snipers. This
transformed through the killing-grounds of World War 1. As the war ended,
nations increasingly saw the need to hide units from enemy fire. By World War
2, camouflage was a staple of militaries across the globe. One such print was
the iconic green and brown camo of U.S troops.
With victory in the war,
troops returned home sporting their military get-ups. The ensuing interest in
military gear sparked the rush to Army and Navy surplus stores. From here, camo
made its way into the menswear vernacular.
How to Wear Men’s Camo Prints

Camouflage Shirts Made Easy

Camouflage Shirts
Camo shirts might seem like they’re
the easiest to pull off, but that’s not the case. The camo shirt is boldly
camo. With it, comes the risk of being too camo forward. Unless you’re hunting
or an actual service member, maybe skip this one. If you’re still determined to
wear this, downplay it with a subtle pair of jeans and sneakers.

Perfecting the Camouflage

Camouflage Jackets
This is where camo style
excels. Camo jackets have that classic camo design but are benefited by the
addition of the rest of your outfit. Simple looks allow the jacket to say
everything it needs without being too loud. At worst, you can always slip your
jacket off. Just be careful, it might disappear amongst its surroundings.
Switching it up with Camo

Camouflage Pants
This look is definitely front
and center. Ironically, there’s no blending in when rocking a pair of camo
pants. The key to making them look great is marrying them with a darker color
up top. A navy sweater is a great choice. Anything too light on top and you’ll
outfit will lose the edge that camo provides. When you’re looking for what
shirt to wear with camo pants, dressing up this look with a white oxford shirt
and some desert boots is a good move. It invokes the very best of army pants
Stepping Out in Camouflage

Camouflage Shoes
When it comes to camo shoes,
we’re talking sneakers. If you’re not ready to jump on the men’s camouflage
style trend just yet, camo shoes are your answer. The subtle flash of color
makes an otherwise boring outfit, anything but. Wondering what to wear with
camo shoes? Slip them on with a smart-casual outfit and you’ll see what wonders
the contrast can do.
Our Camo Shirt Outfit

                                 Camouflage Outfit Grid
Closing Thoughts

Camo has a special place in
menswear. Its utilitarian look gives it a permanent place in men’s style while
also finding a home in modern trends. Let camo do its work and keep everything
else simple. Experiment with your looks and do anything but blend in. Go get
some camo pieces to incorporate into your looks right away. To master this bold
pattern in professional settings, check out our guide on camouflage print for
Tell us below if camouflage
style is right for you and what style moves you use to stand out!

Salvatore Marashi

Kayode Ojo
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