I hope your weekend’s been good so far?

I joined a 9-month coaching program in January with a small group of women from across the globe and it’s been amazing what we have all learnt two months down the road.

I’ll love to share all the things I am learning but I don’t think it’s okay to do so just yet, till we’re done.

However… I realized last week, that some practical self-love exercises I had been engaging in such as the “mirror talk” have helped me over the years in a wrong way.
I’ll tell you why shortly.

So, I generally love mirrors, huge mirrors, small mirrors, building mirrors, any kind of mirror that gives me a clear reflection enough to have that conversation with myself.

I was doing it the wrong way, I never spoke to myself about the things I was doing right or what looked good, I would only chastise, scold or query myself.

But in the course of this coaching, I intentionally switched up these conversations and it feels so amazing. I wonder why I choose the opposite all these years.

Here’s what I have learned:
I. No one will work on you better than you can do yourself.
II. Identify the things you don’t like and root them out.
III. Know the things and the kind of energy that propels you to be better and magnify them.
IV. You’re your First Love, your superstar, your motivation, your greatest cheerleader.
V. You can only live the best and highest version of yourself when you realize this.
VI. You infact are all you’ve got.

Create Magic!

Here’s wishing you an amazing week ahead with so many reasons to be grateful.

Remember… we’re all a work in progress and we will succeed.

Linda Dooyum Kpum
Linda Dooyum Kpum is a trained journalist and entrepreneur, the MD/CEO of 1278 She is single and lives in Abuja. Please follow the link to visit - 1278MarketPlace.