There are so many things that make sense right now.

Dear Young Man and Woman, You have the advantage and opportunity of mingling within this space with people of all ages sharing their life experiences, pick the lessons that make complete sense or resonate with your current status or where you’re headed and make good use of it.

I. Integrity: In life, at work, and in your business, Integrity is a very important “key” ingredient to achieving your goals. It mostly doesn’t look like it pays, it mostly isn’t the “popular” side. Take it anyway.
II. No “Fast Climb” lasts: There is no “easy way” out. All work is hard and it’s a little price to pay for enduring success. If you take shortcuts” and you make it out alive, you’ll have to come back to the rung of the ladder and start again.
III. Keep an open mind towards learning.
IV. Maintain Your Values.
V. Be Ambitious: But Don’t feel pressured to measure up or outdo anything or anyone. The only competition you are up against is yourself.
VI. Care for people: But “stay out of their business” Let there always be a balance between Care and Encroachment.
VII. At every milestone you make, Look back and Heal if you need, set new goals, and raise the bar higher every time.
VIII. Peace is always better, cheaper, and safer than war.
IX. Wish People Well whether your mind thinks they deserve it or not. Sow Love. These are like seeds. Spread it all over as much as you can, you don’t know which path you’ll be taking to lead you back home.
X. Be your most authentic self Always. It attracts your “Kind.”

Best Wishes!

Linda Dooyum Kpum
Linda Dooyum Kpum is a trained journalist and entrepreneur, the MD/CEO of 1278 She is single and lives in Abuja. Please follow the link to visit - 1278MarketPlace.