I am never alone.

Even when I am alone, I somehow manage not to be alone.

How? I hear you ask.

Well, I love music, A LOT, it is a worthy companion.

Early in the morning, en route work, discharging house chores, etc my music is always blasting.

I didn’t fully understand the harm it caused until recently.

I was having what you’ll call writer’s block, my content creation was suffering; it bothered me and made me sad.

Now, content creation is storytelling, and storytelling is fueled by one’s experiences.

The man on the sidewalk being courteous to people,

The beautiful smiling receptionist at that office,

The new building that just sprung up on your route,

The ideas from the book you are reading, applying them to yourself, and becoming better.

These are great topics for good content but how can I notice and experience all these when my mental concentration is constantly hijacked by the music I am blasting on my phone.

I realized, sadly so, that I am not comfortable with being alone, (you wouldn’t blame me much, I am an extrovert), I do not even know how to be alone or maximize my alone time.

This realization helped me in cultivating habits that would aid my content creation.

It’s simple! To have a rich outflow of content, I have to LIVE, not just exist.

Now I make a conscious effort to keep my phone away when I am going to work so I can be in the moment and experience the ride.

I make a conscious effort to be still when I wake up in the morning and get in tune with myself and not start playing music

I also make a conscious effort to experience my town alone or do things alone and these are the few things I have learned from all of the experiences.

1. Conversation with self.

Finding time to be in a quiet place is great for the mind. It could be in the early hours of the morning when you wake up from sleep, in a park, etc. It’s a time you can have conversations with yourself without interference. It’s called meditation. You can appraise and go through situations in your life, then carry out self-necessitated restructuring where it is needed.

2. The skill of Observation

Being alone especially when you are out affords you the ability to observe what is happening around you, it helps you to live and exist at the moment. Look with the intent to learn, it is amazing how things would look new to you.

3. Builds confidence

Learning the art of being and doing things alone would build your confidence level, especially if your energy comes from being surrounded by people. You would learn your strengths, your weaknesses, you would build the capacity to try things out without having to wait or depend on anyone. It builds and makes you complete and complementary. Mastering the art of doing things alone gives your life new meaning as you would discover so many ways to enjoy your life.

4. Explore your environment.

Make conscious efforts to explore your immediate environment, alone, especially if you cannot afford to travel the world, you would be amazed at what you discover and learn or the kind of contact you’d make.

Go try a food place

See a movie

Go to the beach

Visit antique markets

Try out markets where you can get things cheap

Visit galleries.

Try out things, it’s also another avenue to meet great people and also build a healthy rich lifestyle.

5. Zone out.

Once in a while, zone out.

In this era of social media, the ability to be or spend time alone becomes near impossible. We live in a world where every moment is captured on a lens and shared with everyone online in real-time. The attachment, addiction, and FOMO (Fear Of Mission Out) have bonded us to the point where we can’t operate or exist without reaching out to our phones for updates. The struggle to break that addiction is a real fight. From time to time, put off your internet data and keep the phone far away from you so that you are not tempted to easily reach it but still within close range to hear when it rings because it might be an emergency call.

6. Process of development.

As mentioned earlier, learning how to maximize your alone time helps you in self-appraisal and personal development.

Coming to the understanding that being alone is not being lonely is the first step towards cultivating the ability to be alone and maximizing such moments.

When last did you do something all by yourself?

How do you spend your alone time?

It about time we started enjoying those moments.

Chinenye Audrey Nri
Chinenye Audrey Nri is a banker, a co-anchor on the D-Sabi podcast, and a seasoned content writer who likes to describe herself as a soul writer as she writes from her heart, challenging her readers to become better versions of themselves. She is passionate about helping businesses, professionals and individuals build their confidence level for profitable engagements. An author, her latest book offering is titled - THE FAT BEAUTIFUL GIRL.