Erotomania is a psychological
disorder where the sufferer has delusions that another person is in love with
him or her.
70% of the oxygen we breathe comes
from the ocean.
Exercise – The more you circulate
your blood through your body, the more vibrant you will look. Also, sweating
helps detoxify your skin.
Never give your secret to anyone
because if you can’t keep it to yourself doesn’t expect others to.
The tradition of men walking on the
right side of women is such, so that they can easily pull out swords in case of
a sudden attack.
Happiness can be found when you stop
comparing yourself to others.
The brain can store around 2.5
PETABYTES of data – that’s 2,500,000 Gigabytes, or 300 years worth of TV.
Iceland’s population is so small
that an Icelandic company has created an anti-incest app to prevent Icelanders
from dating their relatives.
The Philippine island of Luzon
contains a lake that contains an island that contains a lake that contains
another island.
Studies show acting confidently is
the surest key to success – If you fake it, you will make it.
Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles the
first year but kept going. Never give up.
was the original telephone greeting. Alexander Graham Bell suggested ‘ahoy’ (as used in ships), but was later
superseded by Thomas Edison, who suggested ‘hello’
The very first phone call was: “Watson come here, I want you!”
It was made on March 10, 1876 in
Boston, Massachusetts, between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas
A. Watson
Misomaniac is someone who basically
hates everything.
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