80% of people
remain quiet even when they really want to say something in order to avoid an
argument with someone they care about.


“You” is the second most used word in English language.

In Denmark, it’s
not against the law to escape from prison.

In Denmark,
citizens have to select baby names from a list of 7,000 government-approved

In Singapore,
selling, importing or spitting out chewing gum is illegal.

Negaholics are
people who become addicted to self-doubt and negativity. They find the bad in
most things and are hardly ever satisfied.

Ethiopia follows
a calendar that is seven years behind the rest of the world.

If the Internet
went down for a day, 196 billion emails, 3 billion Google searches, and 500
million Tweets would have to wait.

Two-thirds of
the people on Earth have never seen snow.

The most used
line in movies is “Let’s get out of here.”

At top speed,
the Bugatti Veyron will empty its 26 gallon tank in 12 minutes.

There is a town
in Arizona called Nothing, and nobody lives there.

Sleeping next to
someone you love not only reduces depression, but it helps you live longer, and
makes you fall asleep faster

A person usually
makes a lot of hand gestures when telling a true story. When telling a lie a
person’s hands will stay noticeably still

Most People
Behind Bars – United States: When it comes to incarcerating its population, the
United States is the world’s uncontested leader. The U.S. has 5% of the world’s
population but 25% of the world’s incarcerated population at 2.2 million people
behind bars. China comes in second place at 1.5 million and Russia comes third
at 870,000

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