1. The first to apologize is always the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.
  2. Victoria Island in Lagos has the highest concentration of high net-worth individuals anywhere in the world.
  3. Eating bananas is a natural aid to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.
  4. A lot of problems in the world would disappear if we talked to each other instead of talking about each other.
  5. Lonely is not a feeling when you are alone. Lonely is a feeling when no one cares.
  6. Over 30 million Facebook accounts belong to dead people.
  7. Psychology: When she is happy, she can’t stop talking, when she is sad she doesn’t say a word.
  8. Taking a shower during a lightning storm is not recommended – A lightning strike can be conducted from many miles away through a water pipe.
  9. Most children born to one woman were 69 – Before dying at the age of 40, the woman had 16 twins, 7 triplets, and 4 quadruplets.
  10. The less people know, the more they think they know. This is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  11. Alexithymia describes a person who has a difficult time expressing their feelings to others.
  12. Metathesiophobia – Fear of things and or people changing.
  13. Angry people produce more unique ideas faster than people in any other type of emotional state, according to a study.
  14. Giving up alcohol for just one month can improve liver function, decrease blood pressure, and reduce the risk of liver disease and diabetes.
  15. Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence.

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Ubong Effiong also known as Pendusky is a Customer Experience Management Personnel with Sterling Bank Plc.