Did you know In 1984, you didn’t
need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom as a Nigerian?
The Nigerian Movie Industry also
known as Nollywood is the second largest producer of movies in the world after
The Igbos found in the South Eastern
part are the most industrious of the tribes in the country
Cross River State in Nigeria has the
largest diversity of butterflies in the world
The Ibeno Beach located in Akwa Ibom
is one of the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean along the shorelines of Ibeno. It
is the longest sand beach in West Africa
The Third Mainland Bridge was the
longest bridge in Africa until 1996 when the October 6 Bridge was built in
In 1976, 75 kobo exchanged to one
British pound and 60 kobo to one US dollar.
The total number of languages in
Nigeria comprises 7% of the total languages in the world.
The walls of Benin are the longest
ancient works in the world enclosing 500 communities at a distance of 6500
Nigeria has the 10 th largest crude
oil reserve in the world
Agbani Darego, a Nigerian University
undergraduate was the first African to win the Miss World Beauty Pageant
The name Nigeria is derived from
West Africa’s longest river – River Niger
The Nigerian Government was converted
from his parliamentary system to a presidential system of government by The
Obasanjo civilian regime.
Nigeria is home to the single
largest monument in Africa (Sungbo’s Eredo), which is also the largest city of
the medieval world.
Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria
and Africa.

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