I.        More than 1,000 different languages are spoken on the continent of Africa.

II.        Once, Pablo Escobar – the Colombian drug lord started a fire with 2 million dollars notes because his daughter was cold.

III.   Putting sugar on a wound or cut will greatly reduce pain and speed up the healing process.
IV.      A 99-year-old man divorced his 96-year-old wife after having been married for 77
years because he discovered an affair she had in the 1940s’.
V.      Repeating a common word over and over until it loses all meaning and sounds weird is called semantic satiation.
VI.     Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people getting through all the hard times together.
VII.   Atychiphobia describes a person who fears that they aren’t good enough to be in a relationship with a specific person.
VIII.   The truth is never as painful as discovering a lie.
IX.      Toothpaste removes ink from your clothes. Apply it to the stain, let it dry and then wash.
X.      When a pregnant woman exercises, she makes her baby’s heart healthier.
XI. In Chinese writing, there is no capital letter, there are no spaces between characters, and characters have 10 strokes, on average.
XII.   Sitting for 6 or more hours per day makes you 40% more likely to die within 15 years than someone who sits for less than three hours a day. The best way to prevent such case is by exercising.
XIII.    1 in every 100 people is a psychopath and they look just like everybody else.
XIV. The Most Time-Zones – France: If you count everything, including overseas territories, then France claims the title by covering 12 time zones. The United States would be the runner-up with 11 and then Russia with 9.
XV. Most Lakes in the World – Canada: With over 3 million lakes 9% of Canadian territory is actually fresh water and over 60% of all the lakes in the world are found within its borders. 


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