Misomaniac is someone who basically
hates everything.
TECNO and Infinix phone brands are
not competitors. They belong to the same company.
Nnamdi Ezeigbo a Nigerian is the
founder and CEO of SLOT systems limited, and also the brain behind TECNO and
INFINIX, the fastest selling phone brands in Nigeria.
A study found that two hours of
silence per day prompts cell development in the hippocampus region of the
brain, where memories are formed.
Couples who spend at least 10
minutes a day laughing together are more likely to have a stronger
If you’re up late doing homework,
listen to Hans Zimmer Pandora. Music has no distracting lyrics, and the scores
are intended to motivate.
The Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in
toothpaste suppresses sweetness receptors, which is why juice tastes so bad
after brushing your teeth.
Most school buses are yellow because
humans see yellow faster than any other color, which is important for avoiding
Fast food restaurants use yellow,
red, and orange because those are the colors that stimulate hunger.
A beautiful face attracts more
partners than a beautiful body, according to a scientific survey.
Isaac Newton was a Member of
Parliament for a year and said only one sentence: he asked a nearby usher to
close an open window.
Sprite can break down acetaldehyde,
a metabolite of ethanol, making it an effective hangover-curing drink.
The hormone that makes you grow is
only produced when you sleep.
Relationships last longer when you
don’t tell people your business.
The man who invented pop-up ads has
apologized to the world for creating one of the Internet’s most hated forms of

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