1. Most North Koreans may have little or no idea of the world events, or how their country is thought of by the outside world.
  2. There are also unconfirmed reports that the only COVID-19 case in North Korea was shot dead.
  3. If you want to live in the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, then you need permission from the government!
  4. There are only 3 TV channels and all of the three are controlled by the government.
  5. If anyone is seen carrying a Bible or any religious text, they are immediately imprisoned, or executed. They believe that if people believe in a power higher than the government, then they could revolt.
  6. If a North Korean commits a crime, everyone in his or her whole family will face punishment.
  7. If you try to escape North Korea and you are caught you will either be executed or put into a labor camp. It’s hard to sneak into North Korea, but even harder to get out.
  8. Only North Korean political leaders and their families, and student studying at elite universities and members of the military’s cyber warfare department are allowed access to the internet.

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