1. An Ethiopian year is comprised of 13 months, and is seven years behind the Gregorian calendar other countries are using.
  2. Two men that looks alike, bears same name (William West), sent to same prison were differentiated using fingerprint in 1901, They are part of the main reasons why fingerprint is used as a means of identification.
  3. Apart from Samson and David, Be-naíah the son of Johoí-a-da also killed a Lion in the Bible. 2 Samuel 23:20
  4. Step aside John, James, Mary, and Jane—the most popular name in the world is believed to be Muhammad. According to the research, an estimated 150 million men and boys around the world share this name. The popularity is thanks to a Muslim tradition of naming each first-born son after the Islamic prophet.
  5. Four babies are born every second.
  6. A person who hides their pain behind a smile is called an “eccedentesiast.”
  7. If you’re struggling, that means you’re progressing.
  8. The inability to pronounce the letter “r” is called rhotacism, making it impossible for the sufferers to pronounce their own affliction.
  9. Yawning doesn’t always necessarily mean you’re tired, it also means your body need more oxygen.
  10. In 1969, the Nigerian Civil War was halted for 48 hours as both sides signed a ceasefire deal in order to allow Nigerians peacefully watch Pele play with Santos FC in the country.

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Ubong Effiong also known as Pendusky is a Customer Experience Management Personnel with Sterling Bank Plc.