1. Japanese people don’t have middle names
  2. And the national anthems of Japan, Jordan, and San Marino each have only 4 lines.
  3. Finland has the largest number of islands in the world (over 179,550).
  4. Learning is about building on the knowledge, skills and wisdom we gain from others. With humility. Keep learning. Keep sharing. Keep striving. Keep succeeding.
  5. There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the earth.
  6. Drinking too much water can kill you.
  7. Scientists have figured out a way to unboil an egg.
  8. Inhaling helium from a balloon can kill you.
  9. The acid in your stomach is so powerful that it could dissolve a razor blade.
  10. Sloppy handwriting by doctors are responsible for over 7,000 deaths every year.
  11. It takes nearly 20 years for a four-year degree to become profitable.
  12. Eat an orange before working out. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also prevents your muscles from getting sore.
  13. The scent that lingers after a nice rain is called “petrichor.”
  14. McDonald’s makes about USD75 million (27.2Billion Naira) per day.
  15. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is a devout blood donor. This could explain why he has no tattoos as the Red Cross guidelines stipulate that one should not donate blood at least four months after getting a tattoo.

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