It is because people feel the unresponsiveness of God against the evil that they perceive from others against them that they feel the urge to fight the perceived evil in the name of God. Even though they may be likewise perceived by others as being evil themselves, or having certain vices which sometimes characterise them as evil, these same people feel the righteous urge to demand that the hand of God destroy their enemies for the evil that characterise them too.

In some cases, those who desire that God does something to the evil they perceive really are noble folks who observe the recklessness of evildoers and the pleasure they gain at doing evil not only against those who are good but also against those who perform evil like themselves. We can mention examples like the Crusaders and Jihadists who desire to purge evil because they have to do it for God. Some of these God-helpers are purely evil, but we can look down history and pick out humans who really want the purging of evil but feel that for some reasons God cannot fight evil or that God has placed it within their hearts to purge evil by their own hands.

So, it seems that since God cannot fight evil, men would fight it for God, by supernatural, scientific, or psychological means, or, as we known more of, by the ruthless murder of evil men and women.

Epicurus was quoted as having thought about the problem of evil, saying, Either God cannot abolish evil or he will not; if he cannot, then he is not all-powerful; if he will not, he is not all good.

Victor Negro
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