The qualities and the mindset of Making, Managing, Multiplying, and Maximizing Money

Money is an illusion, an abstract concept created by man for the exchange of values!

It is simply what one makes and thinks of it to be because it is neutral, it takes the form of the mindset of the one having it.

No human ever owns money, he can only have it!

Money is scarce if the person with a scarcity mindset handles it, and it is in abundance if it’s being handled by the one with an abundance mindset.

The challenge with the poor majority is their wrong handling of and thinking about money. To this set of people, money is what gives man a sense of belonging and self-worth. The reason they are desperately and dangerously competitive in their endeavors at having it.

The few rich minorities with an abundance mindset see money as a tool to be used collaboratively to enliven lives.

The privilege and the opportunity of being exposed to the four walls of schooling are primarily to produce humans with an expanded horizon for greater achievements in life. If you’ve been opportune to pass through this environment to the extent of understanding this write up to this point, you have no excuse to live a pinch and narrow existence, financially, if you do, I’m afraid, you’re a sustainer with a scarcity mindset!

To attract money genuinely and more abundantly, you must be the one with an abundance mindset.

You must fancy collaboration over competition. You must be genuinely kind, caring, loving, and compassionate in your thoughts, words, and deeds, towards people.

You must readily accept responsibility for your failures and have a very good sense of appreciation and gratitude to life, that’s living life consciously, cautiously, and conscientiously in the present to the fullest.

You keep records, set goals, and develop life plans. You read widely, wildly, and weirdly, and you continue to learn and operate from a transformational perspective.

You must be enthusiastic, open-minded, and ready to share information on the life skills that make you be what and who you are.

People living the direct opposite of the abundance mindset are of the scarcity mindset, they are POOR, no matter their financial, social, and economic statuses.

They have amongst other qualities that are opposed to the abundance mindset, a warped sense of entitlement mentality.

They blame everybody and everything except themselves for their failures. They suffer from victim consciousness syndromes, most of the time.

They analyze and criticize money-making opportunities to a fault, and always think they know too well about the opportunities.

They operate from a one-sided transactional perspective.

They prefer competition to collaboration in money-making endeavors, and they don’t know what they want out of life and how to go about getting it.

The reality is that we’re living in an era where almost all the rules to creating balance in our money-making endeavors seem ideal and are being flaunted, coz, many people have been lost to the crook and crude methods of making it big without creating the commensurate values to tilt the scale to balance.

They may not necessarily pander to the supposedly ideal suggestions on an abundance mindset, their idea of wealth is for those who dare to dare. Wealth is for those who can go abroad by sea or road with the possibility of meeting or surviving death on the journey. Those who can do Yahoo business or advanced fee fraud with all the alleged attendant associated evil, and become politicians of dubious traits.

Making a financial success out of a ‘moral’ endeavor could be slower, daunting, outdated, and unappreciative, but it’s still the best way to a life of abundance that will ensure a paradise on earth if diligently executed.

 Akinfenwa Sunday Muyiwa (c) 2021.

Akinfenwa Sunday Muyiwa
I trained as a Physicist. Now a business man, and Socio-Spiritual Engineer!