Floral Style: A Masculine Guide to Fresh Floral Prints Flower Power

by Salvatore Marashi

and menswear have long been tied together. It’s no wonder that menswear
gravitates towards dark solid colors and boxy designs. They all work to create
a broader, fitter shape and thus appear more manly. Unfortunately, adherence to
this has missed out on some great fashion trends over the years. One not to
miss is floral style.

prints have long been associated with womenswear. However, times have changed
and hopefully, masculinity is more secure in itself than to buckle at the very
thought of wearing something like a flower. If anything, the acceptance of
colors like pink, baby blue, and teal have shown that men everywhere are ready
to embrace the floral style.
with Floral Style

floral trend made its way into menswear with the Hawaiian shirt. Its large
spread appeal gave way for designers to work with floral patterns outside of
the traditional vacation button down. For beginners, this is a good place to
floral styles have moved away from the just the tropics to include Native
American, African and English floral prints. The designs show the interest in
global fashions and the willingness to experiment.
on for the best ways to wear the look.

Power of a Flower Tee

Men's Floral T-Shirts
the best way to jump into something is to go head first. Floral tees aren’t
subtle. They are however very stylish. Whether you opt for a shirt with the
subtle embellishment of a flower on the breast pocket or for one with the print
all over, you’ll be bringing a fresh pop of design and color.
a floral tee comes down to understanding how bold the look is. When you’re
repping flowers across your chest, front and center, there’s no hiding from it.
That means you should have a bit of confidence if you’re going to tackle this.
most audacious trends, it’s best to balance them out. If you choose a floral
tee, tone its sartorial shout down by layering with something simple like a
denim jacket. When it’s too hot to layer, solid color shorts will do the trick.
  Abercrombie and Fitch Floral Tee
Meet Garden: Men’s Floral Swim Shorts

Men's Floral Swim Shorts
has always been comfortable having more fun. Floral designs find themselves
right at home on a pair of swim trunks.
you’re half naked, you’re going to want the other half to do all the style work
for you. Floral style is great here. Bright colors and intricate designs will
give you beach-resort looks everytime.
Down, Flower Up

Men's Floral Button Down Shirt
like the Hawaiian shirt, the floral button down has made its way back to us.
Emerging from the dreadful stuffy style of their predecessors, modern floral
shirts capture the cool, rebel spirit that the best of fashion is all about.
a great floral button down is going to ultimately come down to your personal
style. If you’re the type of guy who feels comfortable rocking a full floral
print shirt in loud colors then more power to you. If not, you’ll want to
gravitate towards something understated like one that incorporates more neutral
colors like white and blue.
shirts can be either dressed up or down. This gives you some pretty great
options. Throwing a floral shirt with some slim black jeans and Chelsea boots
creates a look that the rock-gods of years past would be envious of. On the
other hand, pairing the shirt with some chinos and a suede bomber jacket is
classy enough for pretty much any occasion.
River Island Light grey floral print slim fit shirt
up with Florals

Men's Floral Suits
the 21st century and suits don’t need to be boring anymore. Recently, men have
started to embrace suits outside the comfort zone of blacks and navies. Men
everywhere are opening up to olive and khaki suits as well as ones with
interesting designs and shapes. So why stop there? Floral suits are the next
boundary in men’s suiting.
of all of the floral looks, this is definitely the most out there. There’s no
hiding a love for all things fauna when you’re literally decked out head down
in flowers. That being said, the look can absolutely work.
all about choosing the right colors. If you’re going to rep something like a
floral suit, your color matching game needs to be on point. People’s eyes are
going to be immediately drawn to you so anything off with your suit and you’re
going to stick out like for all the wrong reasons.

  Topman Skinny Fit Floral Suit

Ties for the Modern Gentleman

Men's Floral Ties
the idea of wearing a floral suit causes an allergy-inducing panic attack, then
I have the solution. Floral ties and pocket squares add a hint of the floral
look without going all in.
works best with solid color suits. When you’re looking to stand out but still
need to dress conservatively, this is your move. Coordinate the colors of the
tie with that of your suit and you’ll draw every eye in the room.
Jubilee Skinny Tie
that Shoe Game Strong

Men's Floral Print Shoes
style isn’t for everyone and it’s not for every day. That is unless you’re
wearing floral sneakers. There’s no reason that men’s shoes should be such a
drab affair. Wearing sneakers decked out in floral patterns are a fantastic way
to get all the fresh style moves while still confining the look to something
that will make sense in any guys fashion.
like with camo print shoes, starting with sneakers is a great way to work
yourself into a trend. For floral shoes, hightops look especially good.
as bold here as you want.
Converse Chuck 70 Porcelain Peony Low Top
the Seasons in Mind

Men's Floral Style Seasonality
like how different flowers bloom in different seasons, so too should your
floral prints. I’m not saying you need a degree in horticulture so that you can
meticulously determine which flowers are on your clothes. Rather, update your
floral looks based on their colors. A bright and lively print is probably best
for when it’s hot out while something with black and maroon undertones is
excellent for winter.
Thoughts on Floral Styling

style is the best men’s trend you haven’t been wearing. Shrug off any thoughts
of this challenging your masculinity, because it won’t and start bringing some
life back into your wardrobe.
do you wear floral prints? Engage with like-minded stylish men in the Gentle
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Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.