´Guided By His Hands´: A Must Read

´Guided By His Hands´: A Must Read
(A Critique of Senator (Otunba)
Olabiyi Durojaiye’s Book)

best wishes to my young banker – Mr. Oluwole Olusanya. From Senator Olabiyi

Friday 30th December, 2016 – the last working day in the year, I had
plans to leave work very early (we call it – piate) because I wanted to meet with Chief Eze to finalize the
terms and agreement of a business I intend to launch in the New Year. So, I was
reluctant when Kenny (a colleague) directed that I should help her to pick up a
cheque from the Senator’s place because it would obviously disrupt my plans for
the day but I didn’t have a choice. I called the driver available and we set
out immediately.
got to the Senator’s place at some minutes past 1 and he was attending to two people
in his office. It was obvious that the meeting was almost over and he brought out
his latest book – Guided by His Hands, autographed it and presented it to each of
them. How can I miss such opportunity?
I requested for a copy immediately the duo left and the Senator was so happy to
give it to me, he also autographed it (With
best wishes to my young banker – Mr. Oluwole Olusanya. From Senator Olabiyi
and implored me to share whatever I learn from his book with
others of my age. I was overwhelmed by his kindness and generosity.

By His Hands is a must read for everybody and I feel privileged to have it because
the book summarizes in great details the fundamentals of the grass to grace
story of Senator (Otunba) Olabiyi Durojaiye, I was addicted to it as soon as I
read the first page and my mom developed the same symptom.
consequence, a critique is an extensive analysis of a literal work and this
article would examine the strengths and weaknesses of the book and offer
advices on how to improve in a future publication.

*    The Arrangement Of
– The most significant attribute of
the book is the arrangement and presentation of chapters; the book was
structured in a way that one chapter would effectively capture an important
aspect and topic of discussion and it would also prepare the reader for what
the next chapter would basically be all about. All the 12 chapters in the 323
pages book were carefully designed to work interdependently towards the goal of
giving the reader an insight to the author’s life and times, triumphs and
defeats, weakness and strength, limitations and achievements and so on.

*    Sentence Structure
and Lexical Uniqueness
– I totally agree
with the Senator when he noted that ‘Guided by his Hands’ is a product of divine
inspiration because the book was perfectly prepared in terms of sentence
structure and grammatical flexibility which makes it possible for every class
of people to understand and assimilate in totality what the Senator intends to
pass across.

*    Pictorial
– The use of pictures in the
book made it unique in a number of ways; it effectively aided the author’s
crusade. Most pictures were old family pictures which reveal that the Senator
keeps important records scrupulously and it also re-enforces the fact he
carried out an extensive research before embarking on the project.

of the torn and faded sophisticat he wore throughout his 18 and a half month in
detention during the military regime of the late dictator, General Sani Abacha
in page 137 validates the explanation of how he was subjected to dehumanizing treatment
throughout his stay in captivity which Chapter 8 titled; Pro-Democracy Activities
(Pages 159 -194) is specially dedicated to.

I would suggest that pictures should be displayed immediately at the conclusion
of related chapters and not in a clustered format as used in the book.

*    Referencing
The author provided every detail of his research sources in the Appendix column
which was strategically place at the end of the book. It would promote further
research and it would also help a great deal to authenticate the author’s facts
and figures in cases there are augments of inconsistencies in future. I
appropriate his efforts and pray for many more years in good health. Amen.

I would have preferred a Bibliographic format where these research sources are
located immediately at the end of the chapters. This is because most readers
might not have the luxury of time to read to the last page of the book.

I believe you would agree that anyone that summarizes a life spanning 80 years
(and still counting) without missing out on important details is a genius. Reading
the book would specifically educate the reader on the grass to grace story of
the distinguished Senator but it is also important to note that Senator Olabiyi
Durojaiye have touched a lot of lives positively. The 12th Chapter
of the book titled; Biyi Durojaiye as
perceived by friends and associates
by Dr. S. Oluwayomi Oladunjoye says it
all. It is always heart-warming and motivating to know that your presence on
the planet earth is a blessing to other peoples’ lives and they are eternally
thankful to God because of your significant contribution in enriching their
lives. I am inspired.
book is filled with inspiring stories, you just don’t want to drop it–
Ohenhen-Meduoye Comfort Kehinde (12TH January, 2017)

Hmm, you guys won’t believe what happened today
again o? As I call Baba say make I tell am about my article on his book. He
told me that he was successfully confirmed as the Chairman of the National
Telecommunications Commission (NCC) by the Nigerian Senate yesterday. I can’t
wait to migrate o. Who say I don’t know influential people? Wait till you see
me shaking hands with Buhari for TV. LOL
Bless Nigeria
Bless the Senator
Bless Us All.

Olusanya, Oluwole Sheriff

Oluwole Olusanya
Oluwole Olusanya is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the fastest-growing lifestyle and entertainment website in the country. He is a banker, writer, blogger, public affairs analyst and a tax consultant. He anchors Trending Topics on SHEFFA where he shares his thoughts and opinions on trending issues. He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom. He has diplomas in Banking and Finance, Investigative Journalism, Creative Writing, and Linguistics from Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland and The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.