Hair colors you’ll be asking for in 2019

woman with red hair

like fashion, haircuts and colors are changing rapidly. In 2018, we saw a
rainbow of colors — rose golds, ash blondes, deep browns, coppers, and
purposeful grays. And who can forget the actual rainbow-colored locks? And if
that wasn’t doing it for you, there was — and is — always unicorn hair. As
you’ve no doubt noticed, 2018 certainly proved itself to be the year of trying
new ‘dos. Love ’em or hate ’em, some of the trends will continue on through
subsequent years.
Global Color Creative Director Josh Wood recognized that the unicorn and vivid
styles are likely not going anywhere in 2019, but he decided to craft a subtler
version that he dubs “anti-unicorn hair.” He explained to Allure,
saying, “It’s not overt or bold, it’s refined.” Wood’s rendition made
it to the catwalk on nearly 40 models at Marc Jacobs’ spring 2019 show. But
unicorn — and anti-unicorn — aren’t the only colors you’ll be able to choose
from in 2019. Here’s what hair experts are saying will be on trend.
color you could actually be born with”

2019 natural-looking hair color

combinations are going to hang around in 2019, yes, but that doesn’t mean
natural shades are out. When The List caught up with Fred Connors, renowned
stylist and owner of, he admitted, “There are a lot of trends I
was hoping would go away but they are still popping up on the streets of
[Manhattan]. Unicorn hair, still here, cotton candy pink, ditto.”
they are still on trend, Connors recommends “hues that look like they were
created by nature” or “hair color you could actually be born
with.” Of course, that doesn’t mean your hair color will end up looking
boring. With colors like “rich deep browns, icy nordic blondes, chestnuts,
and radiant reds,” your hair will make a statement without needing to be
iridescent. Most importantly, the hair expert says, make sure your hair shines
because “dull matte hair of any color is out.” Serums and gloss will
be your best friends come 2019.
and ever so ’90s

2019 fiery red hair

may have accepted the return of ’90s fashion, but how do you feel about the
decade’s iconic hair making a comeback? Diana Gallegos, hairstylist and
editorial fashion hair expert of Twist, Cut, Extend in San Francisco,
California, confirmed its return to The List, saying, “2019 is going to
look more like the ’90s!”
poker straight hair and other sleek styles will make their way into 2019, it’s
not just the hairstyles that will be mimicking the decade. “The hair
colors in 2019 will be just as bold [as the haircuts] with jet black colored
hair, very white blonde, and fiery reds. For ’90s-inspired hair inspo, you
really have to look no further than The Spice Girls. Victoria Beckham (Posh
Spice) is your gal for jet black locks, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) for “very
white blonde,” and, of course, Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) for that
feisty, fiery red.
brew” brunette

"cold brew" brunette 2019

stylist, hair colorist, owner of The Salon Project, and overall hair expert
Joel Warren, told The List that coffee-inspired colors are going to become
incredibly popular in 2019 — especially in the spring. Come the new year,
Warren recommends converting your “old yellowy highlights” to the hue
he’s dubbed “Cold Brew.” The rich java-colored shade is even great
for fall if you want to get ahead of the 2019 trends.
what if you’re not one for single shades and are still looking for highlights,
albeit something better than the “yellowy” variety? Fortunately,
these coffee hues will still work for you. The stylist told The List that
you’ll want to opt for a color that is similar in appearance to “café au
lait.” This milky, almost chestnut, shade will, as Warren explained,
“create volume and depth.” You can’t get much better than that. Well,
unless the colors were actually caffeinated.
browns” and other dark hues

2019 cognac brown hair
winter 2019, you might just be planning to trade in your lighter fall shade for
a deeper, darker color. If so, you would actually be doing your hair a favor.
Connie Mitchell, master stylist at LOOK Style Society in Las Vegas, Nevada,
predicts that 2019 will bring about some healthy — and necessary — changes for
our hair.
2018], it seemed like everyone was trying to achieve pastel colors, while also
overusing heating tools and styling products, which can break down the
integrity of the hair.” Raise your hand if you’re guilty of doing that.
It’s true — we are our own worst enemies when it comes to caring for our
tresses. Nevertheless, Mitchell told The List, “Darker hues can create a
more healthy look for damaged hair.” And, thankfully, Mitchell says dark
colors — like “mahogany and cognac browns” — will be in style come
eggplant hair color 2019
you’re looking to cover up some of your overly processed and all kinds of
damaged pastel hair from yesteryear, just what dark color should you choose?
Before you think you’re limited to one shade of boring brown, let us reveal to
you what master stylist Connie Mitchell foretells for 2019. In addition to
naming mahogany and cognac browns as the “it” colors in 2019, she
also says to watch for “eggplant”— which is a shade that is anything
but boring.
Paris further recommended a “glossy eggplant color” and cited that
this color will look best if you have a deep skin tone. Though, even if you
don’t, don’t despair. The company went on to dub the color as “perfect for
anyone who’s not ready to kiss their dark tresses goodbye, but sick of neutral
blacks and brown — this deep hair color looks romantically royal.”
Romantically royal, yes, and positively perfect for 2019.
addition of “different tones”

blonde and rose gold hair
Claire Australia spoke with Deeann Watt, owner of Watt Style salon in
Queensland, Australia and winner of the 2018 L’Oréal Professionnel Colour
Trophy Marie Claire Reader’s Choice Award, to find out what 2019 hair colors we
should expect — especially in the summer.
of the big colour trends this year will be every shade of blonde. Chestnut
brunettes [will be big] too,” Watt revealed. The hair expert went on to
explain, “Blondes can change up their look by adding different tones to
their hair. Lavender and rose gold will be popular this summer.” Brunettes
and redheads, on the other hand, can both add “more chestnut tone to their
bases for an update.”
not changing your entire hair color and instead just add a little bit of color
to your natural shade, you’re still able to participate in some of the
trendiest new colors and looks — without, well, turning into a unicorn.

"beachy blur" hair
what if 2019 is going to roll in with a blast of cold weather? That doesn’t
mean you’ll have to give up your beachy mane — now or ever! Though, that said,
you may want to try something a little different with your sandy locks come the
new year.
Petrizzi, celebrity colorist at Chris Chase Salon in New York City and the
artistic director for AGEbeautiful Hair Color, told The List about an original
look that is expected to be all the rage and, we’ll be honest, it sounds
amazing. “Next year we are seeing two of the most popular hair color
techniques come together for brand new, exciting results: balayage and
precision foiling.” The outcome? “This gives you the beachy
blur,” Petrizzi explained, “[meaning an] abstract effect of balayage
and the isolated, definition of foiling.” Well, ladies, book your
appointments now and get a jumpstart on a fun new trend that will have you
perpetually in a beachy state of being.
natural shades”

Katy Perry with raven and violet hair
get the “beachy blur” effect, there’s nothing that says you must be
blonde. In fact, renowned colorist Mike Petrizzi told The List that
“preternaturally natural shades” will be a big deal in 2019 — and
will work perfectly with the combination of balayage and precision foiling.
“Preternaturally natural” tones may sound like a contradiction, but
it simply means taking your natural hair color, or a natural-looking color, and
mixing in some hues of anything but natural. Or, as Petrizzi put it, using
“colors that are more natural than the super vibrant, cartoonish colors of
the last few seasons, but still aren’t fully found in nature.”
hair expert said to think “coppers that have an ethereal amber” or
“blondes with a kiss of rosé.” Or, you could always try an
“arctic brunette with a chill of blue” or “raven hair with a
veil of violet.” These colors may not be as bold as the ones we saw — and
tried — in 2018, but they’re arguably even better.
buttery blondes”

model with "buttery blonde" hair
blondes may not be getting pushed to the wayside per se, but another shade of
blonde is certainly becoming their rival. Cynthia Diersen, a creative artistic
team member of CHI Hair Care told The List that the blondes of 2019 are getting
an update. “The icy blonde will start to transition into its healthier
option — the Golden Blonde.” And your hair will thank you for this change.
“If you want your blondes to glow, leave some golden tones in the hair to
keep the hair healthier and more shine reflective,” Diersen suggests.

the desire for healthy hair isn’t the main reason bright blondes are
transitioning to Goldilocks’ signature color, Diersen revealed, saying,
“Fashion colors attach themselves better and will not appear so hollow and
dull when applied to a light yellow (not platinum) base making them longer
lasting too.” Her suggestion? To embrace your “creamy buttery
blondes.” Hear, hear!
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