belated betday to my dad

“I grew up not really liking my dad but now that
I am much older, I understand the fact that he is only human, and perfection is
not for mortals”
. – Oluwole Olusanya

November 8TH
of every year is always a special day in the family because we have two special
betdays in the same day – My Dad’s betday and my sister’s mother-in-law’s
betday but two days ago was different from the previous celebrations. According
to the Lagos State Government records, he turned 60 years and November 8TH,
2017 is his last day at work and his last day as a civil servant. Isn’t that interesting?

He started working for
the Lagos State Government in 1994 and he was one of the pioneer staff at the
Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) created by the former
administration of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu which his uncle, Asipa Kaoli
Olusanya also served as the Commissioner of Agriculture & Co-operatives for
the entire duration of Jagaban’s administration.

For the records, we
are not close at all. I grew up seeing more of my mum around; she played a very
active role in my development and I am forever grateful to her for the
significant contributions she has made in my life. Truth be told, I totally
believe that the person that have impacted my life the most is my mom and I
mean it in every sense of the word. If you and I are close, you will believe
the fact that I cannot conclude a sentence without mentioning my mom’s name.

Regrettably, my dad
made a couple of decisions that were not the best and it affected his life
negatively, those decisions also affected us as his immediate family members,
but my mom was there to cushion the effects and make sure we did not suffer too
much. I grew up not really liking my dad but now that I am much older, I
understand the fact that he is only human, and perfection is not for mortals. I
also believe that having to work extra harder to make it to this point with
little support from him as made me a better person and by extension, a better
man. I am my mother’s first son and I had to grow up fast. I had to be there
for her. I always make her smile and I thank God for that.

Interestingly, there
are some naughty memories I would like to share with you guys today that are special
to me and remembering them endears him to me. Most of them include my younger
brother too because we were the only boys in the family and we had to do somethings
together with him like;

v Going
to the Barber’s Salon – I remember vividly that cutting my hair is always a
terrible experience. The way the sound of the clipper creeps me and my younger
brother out is not something I would forget in a hurry. My dad is a very clean
and appearance-conscious person, he always makes sure our hair is neatly cut
but this does not always go down well with us. We would pray that our hair
stays the same way, but that prayer was never answered. I also remember the way
my Dad comb our hair whenever he is preparing us for school, the way he grips
my small head was a nightmare then but now? I remember those times and laugh

v Business
Transactions – While I was going up, I always knew I would be a business man.
How come? Anytime my dad sends us on errands, we make sure we inflate the
prices and make our own gain. From textbooks, transport fares to other errands,
we do that a lot and we got caught several times. I hope my children do not do
the same.

v Premier
League Games – My dad encouraged football and watching premier league matches
was something to look forward to every weekend. He would have instructed us to
visit the nearest viewing centres and write out the games for the week; He
would also give us money to watch any match of our choice and make sure we
watch Arsenal games with him. Yeah, He is a die-hard Arsenal fan.

So, two days ago, I
called him, and I prayed for him, I also called my siblings and encouraged them
to do the same. With all said and done, we still have his name at the back of
our names. Conclusively, I have never really called him to tell him these words,
but it is never too late to do the right thing so here they are – I LOVE YOU,

God Bless My Dad, God Bless
All the Dads in the World

Olusanya, Oluwole
Oluwole Olusanya
Oluwole Olusanya is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the fastest-growing lifestyle and entertainment website in the country. He is a banker, writer, blogger, public affairs analyst and a tax consultant. He anchors Trending Topics on SHEFFA where he shares his thoughts and opinions on trending issues. He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom. He has diplomas in Banking and Finance, Investigative Journalism, Creative Writing, and Linguistics from Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland and The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.