The grass is greener on the other side,
but cold, dark and desolate on the thought of
I thought the world needed me,
But then I realized that the world only need me
for who I want to be.
I played my part in this world,
Yet, my voice and desires were hurtfully hurl’d.
When I speak, my words become a thrash,
When you see me face dropped, you think all I need
is your cash.
I am but weak, not a snot,
You are strong to carry on, but why blame me
because I could not?
My thoughts are weak and feeble,
but your thoughts of me is gross and despicable.
I need your arms not your alms
I need your care not your scare
I need your words not your swords
I need your lifts, please keep your gifts.
You think I needed your attention,
No! Your presence I crave not, but your words and
heart of affirmation.
If you ever loved me as you said,
Why acted upon others judgement of my deeds as you
I better find comfort in my grave-bed,
than your rejection and unneeded hatred!
I am better in the cold hands of death,
as you cherish your time and self-love than my
seizing breath!
Me is gone,
but I write for those who are about to take that
horrible turn.
Be your brothers’ keeper,
but which will you keep for me, a swiper or a
In all, life is good,
to live is beautiful.
Pains may come, trouble may surface but in the end
we will win and behold that glorious day!

Dedicated to all the victims of #Suicide

Source: Mccollybright.blogspot.com.ng

About The Author: Adeshile Adekolajo

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