What lies behind success story? 
Those are what makes up success story.


Sorrow from the cruelty of the world. 
Tears from the pains of heartbreak and hurts. 
Obstacles from those who are only in your life to set you back.
Rivalry from those who have nothing against you but just don’t want you to have those dreams come true.
But the major one is YOURSELF in the success story. You see, all of the aforementioned matter less if this last one is lost! If sorrow hit you, you can get back on your feet, you can always wipe your tears, you can always turn your obstacles and stumbling blocks into your stepping stone. But if you lose yourself in the process of your success story, then, it’s nothing but doom!
Many of us, we’ve lost ourselves while trying to find the place, the name, the thing, the game, the path, called success! At the end we will realize that we finished our race alone, we’ve shed off the real parts of ourselves. YOURSELF matters the most in your success story. Yourself can determine the outcome of your success story.
All the first four will come, most definitely, but it takes that last one, YOURSELF, for all to bow out and GREATNESS to set in! Your attitude will determine your altitude in life. Be positive, be right, be determined, be selfless, be BRIGHT, BE BEAUTIFUL, LOOK HANDSOME (hidden part of success story in us).
So tomorrow is another day to get back up and add more momentum to your success story! 
Good Morning to you all!
Adeshile Adekolajo is a graduate of Psychology from the University of Abuja, He works for Ntel Nigeria and he owns - He is a writer, blogger and poet, to read more of his interesting and educative articles, please log on to -