a Facebook user narrate his ordeals.
When we were
talking about the state of our education system, a Facebook user took to this
social media platform to narrate his ordeals.
name is Caleb but my friends call me “bad-d” which means a bastard.
If I had my own way, I would have been born by Mr. Rasaq, the popular chain
smoker. At least having one irresponsible father is better than having none. My
nickname became popular than my name which at times clouds my mindset. Call me
Caleb, I may not answer you on time but call me “bad-d”, instantly I
know you just called me. It all started from my secondary school when the
English teacher Mr. Tunde asked us to describe ourselves.” He recounted
mean you don’t know your parent?’
sir, I don’t know if they are still alive, but my grandma said they both dump
me at  her doorstep some 13 years back
and since then, she hasn’t seen them.”
you know what and who a bastard is?’
sir, someone who do not have a Father.”
 I replied.
both father and mother and who do not know his/her parent like you”.
I asked back,
like you. Which means, you are a bastard’.
Amidst the seventy
laughter’s that filled the air of the JSS 3 class of college community school,
I cried.
we have a BAD-D, aka bastard’.
The class went wild
with another round missed with laughter, mocking and booing as the stupid
teacher left the class. Oh! I wish I wasn’t born to experience today.
I wished I can just kill myself now.”
Having an abusive
teacher, professor, or any type of educator can be very scary and it is very
difficult to deal with. Abuse is not acceptable and should be stopped
immediately. If you are a victim of an abusive teacher, it is important you
receive the help you need as soon as possible for your own safety, health, and
well-being. The truth is; I have once had the opportunity to teach, and one of
the major challenges of some unprofessional teachers nowadays. I could remember
I had the same problem experience in my secondary days, I use to have this
particular Yoruba teacher, I’ll withhold the name, this teacher comes to class
and do nothing but to curse and abuse students in the class, irrespective of
how bad a child or children could be, abuse/curse is definitely the
unthinkable. It definitely won’t change such child, but trust me, it could
worsen the child’s current behavioural disposition. I even prefer beating up a
Let’s put aside the
spiritual effect, the psychological effects of this attitudinal disposition on
the part of teachers or guardians is unacceptable. A child gives back to the
society what the society must have given to him/her. I’ve heard of a teacher who’s
because of this kind of attitude made some parents to withdraw their children
from that particular school.
what verbal abuse is
: Some people may find it hard to
define what verbal abuse is and will often dismiss harsh words as a form of
tough love or as a strict teaching method. In some cases, people even give
excuses as to why verbal abuse is acceptable. For example, verbally abusive
teachers might blame a student’s bad behaviour, attitude, or ineptitude to
justify verbal abuse. Some examples of verbal abuse include:
v  Belittling:
This type of language “puts
a victim and invalidates their opinions or feelings, making them
feel insignificant and even stupid. Abusive teachers might say to you, “You always have something to complain
or “You’re so
stupid. You can’t do anything
“. Just like the example of mine own
experience of the Yoruba teacher.
v  Countering and correcting:
Someone that is countering or correcting in an abusive manner will do anything
to oppose the child’s reality, thoughts, and opinions – even when the child is
right. For example, if you confront an abusive teacher and tell them to stop,
they might say, “You’re crazy. How
am I abusing you?”
By denying their abusive actions and your feelings,
abusive teachers remain in control over the situation and over you. I’ve seen
students who have personally taken laws into their hands and attacked such
v  Abusive jokes:
These jokes may be funny to others but they are often told at your expense. You
may hear jokes making fun of your gender, your appearance, or your mental and
physical capabilities. By making others laugh, an abuser maintains power and
receives confidence and validation from others.
v  Calling you names:
This type of verbal abuse is the easiest to recognize. If your teacher is
calling you an idiot, bitch, slut, stupid, ugly, fat, or any inappropriate and
hurtful name, then they are verbally abusing you.
proper for a teacher/guardian/an adult to call a child a bastard? Even when he
is? Or even give physical abuse on such child?

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