One thing I’ve come
to understand about life is that, if you can’t discover you can’t recover.
Today I had a deep
insight of a particular passage in the holy book, and that is in Ezekiel 21:27
Though I’m not very
good with making evidential references to the holy books
, but this particular passage caught my attention
and make my deep thoughts to put to bed!
“I will
overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right
it is; and I will give it him”
Yes this is like
every other passages, verses and chapters we inject and digest, but if you
could read that statement again more insightfully, trust me you will see more
than what the world sees and reads!
There are basically
two salient and phenomenal things about that line,
Firstly, take down
, take down also that line”…UNTIL HE COME
In that first
salient line OVERTURN OVERTURN OVERTURN IT… We could discover that it wasn’t
just one overturn that was written there by God, it was written three times,
meaning that, your success will take so many channels, turns and twists. Your
success will fall into wrong hands couple of times. Even God knew and knows
that many will claim your praises and success for the time being.
Let’s take the
picture below for example,

The picture could
be turned in many sideways, but the question is which is rightfully your
position? How do you want it positioned
Taking a look at
the second salient line, UNTIL HE COME WHOSE RIGHT IT IS…This line is simply
self explanatory, meaning you can’t be beaten to your dreams. That, most
definitely that which you desire, that which you cherish, that your crave, that
which rightfully belong to you will NEVER elude you. If it’s meant for you, no
matter the shape it takes, no matter the turns it makes nor the heart it
breaks, surely your dream will come true if you believe.
This is simply to
courage you all that it no matter the years it’s taking, just remember until it
come whose right it is. It might look like it’s looking over and getting late,
just remember it will keep overturning UNTIL it come whose right it is!
If that which you
dream and aspire for is meant for you, trust me when the right time comes, it’s
all going to be yours.
No matter how high
and wide the time is flying, what will be for you nothing can change nor halt
it! Never give up (on both yourself and your dreams), never lose your hopes.
surely tell you it’s over
for you,  just smile and tell it to their
face, “Please relax, It’s still overturning”.
In conclusion,
never be in the school of thought that you lost, if you never got it, it simply
means it was never for you, because whatsoever is meant for you cannot, I
repeat can NEVER pass you by!
Keep dreaming, keep
believing Keep Overturning!
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