I got married on 22nd November, 1986.  My wife didn’t get pregnant after two years and my parents were on my neck to divorce her.  I refused.  They pushed real hard but I didn’t want to leave my wife. So one weekend, my father invited us to the village.  Unknown to me, he had signed some documents in my name and filed for divorce at the court. 
It was a very funny situation.  He used his influence to call in some favors.  I made sure the divorce didn’t hold.  Those were very trying times for my wife and I.  We didn’t even have time to enjoy our marriage.  For her safety, I had to take her home to her people.  Sometimes she would visit me in my house at night; we would cook, clean and spend time together. 
Then she would leave in the morning before anybody sees her.  We kept on like this till she got pregnant.  I was the happiest man on earth. 
On 22nd November, 1991, we had our first child and went on to have four more kids.  She became everyone’s favorite in the family.  Funny enough, nobody asked me how she got pregnant with our first child since they insisted she won’t stay with me.  Good news blanks out every other negative story about you.”
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