Without gainsaying, we all will agree that Nigeria has
tremendously changed overtime. The giant of Africa has against all odds moved
from those archaic world to what we now today. No matter what we are going
through, I think sometimes we just need to see the other side of the coin
(positive) than always seeing only but the negatives.

Here are 20 old photos that will give the insight of where
we are coming from, and of course where we are today:

  1. A typical Nigerian Chief with his family (1910)

  2. Yoruba woman dressed
    in traditional Aso-oke

  3. Chief Festus Sam Okotie-Eboh – a Nigerian politician and
    former Minister for finance (1919-1966)

  4. Asaba-Onitsha ferry crossing (1959)

  5. Barclays Bank and Shell Petroleum Buildings,Lagos
    (1960s-Early 1970s)

  6. Ben Ekanem’s Equestrian Statue of Queen Amin’s – National
    Theatre Lagos (1980)

  7. Carter Bridge Street, Lagos Island (1950s)

  8. Central Bank of Nigeria (1950s)

  9. Chapel of The Resurrection, University of Ibadan (1960s)

  10. CKC ( Christ the King College), Onitsha (1961)

  11. Entrance of the Emir of Zaria Palace in Kaduna (1973)

  12. Fulani Milkmaids

  13. General Post office, Lagos (1973)

  14. Gurara Waterfall (from an old postcard)

  15. Hair braiding Salon

  16. Humuani Mosque, Lagos (1933)

  17. Ibadan, Capital and Seat of Government, Western Nigeria

  18. Ikorodu Expressway, Lagos (1970s)

  19. Independence Fountain on the main road leading into the city
    of Kaduna, Nigeria (1960s)

  20. Eagle eye view of Historic Kano City (1950s)

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