You are my friend
indeed, but why the greed?

You swore to be
true, you signed the deed,
But you lying I
have got blood in my hands when there is none, is of no need!
You say you are my
But from the little
I earn, while cracking open the face of Mother earth, on you, you want me to
You say I should
call on you anytime I am oppressed,
But when I do,
under your critic and unmerited squalor will I be suppressed!
You are my friend,
yes, you are my friend,
But at the back of
your counter would my case end!
A true friend will
never call another friend a thief when he is not,
Neither would he
force him to hold what from him was not caught!
I was told if I
call on you first, I will never win the case,
Then why call
yourself my friend of what use or base?
You call me your
friend yet you scare me with your gun,
If I try to make
you see the picture clearly, I will far be gone!
When I talk to defend
myself you say I am being stubborn,
If I do not, you
will force me to pull my shirt I have responsibly worn!
You walk up to me
and tell me to get into the van,
If I ask what I
have done, you will slap me, and say I belong to a dangerous gan’!
Many of your
friends because of injustice made their soul case rot in shackles,
Where they have
tilled the soil with their peeling knuckles!
You are a friend I
am scared of,
‘Cause, they have
no mercy, I mean your gun and your cuff!
You have sent
pillars of home to their early grave,
Just because of the
penny you unjustly crave!
My friend that
never get the prayers of my people,
How would you, when
you see white, you say no it is purple!
You cheapishly say
I can count on you,
No, I cannot
because I cannot even trust all the things you do.
You claim you have
some friends who are not bad as I have portrayed,
But by your hands,
many of us have been denied and betrayed!
You betrayed us of
our rights and liberty,
We live in fright
from your cruel mediocrity!
More bloods are in
your hands than in the hands of men of the underworld,
Innocence behind
bars unjustly hurled.
I know you are my
But, why chasing
the extortion of my stipend?
My friend in black,
We are tired of
living with your cruelty in the dark!
My friend with the
Make our bad
thoughts on you far be gone.
My friend with the
Please, try to make
that U-turn
I know you mean
well for us,
Maybe you just need
to go back to the drawing board and draw a new course!



About The Author: Adeshile Adekolajo

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