“I came to Nigeria from Ghana.  I’ve been living and working here for the past 7 years.  At my former workplace, I earned NGN40,000 monthly, but I had no peace of mind.  My humanity was tarnished and I lost my sense of purpose.  I had plans for my life, so I left the job.  I told a woman who normally dropped me off at work most mornings that I was looking for a new job.  She helped me get a new one.  Although the pay was less, but I was valued and appreciated.

On 11th July 2018, I was at work and during break time, I went to a nearby restaurant to eat.  A gas man who just finished filling a gas cylinder for the restaurant noticed the cylinder had more air than gas.  He wanted to release some of the air, but the woman who owns the restaurant told him to take the cylinder outside, far away from there because she was cooking and it might exposed.  The gas man moved the cylinder some inches away and told her nothing will happen.  Everything happened.

Immediately he released the air from the cylinder, some of the content caught fire and exploded.  I woke up at LUTH days after to see bandages all over my body.  After my treatment, I was billed NGN345,000.  I started crying because I didn’t know where to get the money.  The hospital people smiled and told me the bill has been paid.  I was shocked and asked who paid.  They said a group of young businessmen around the restaurant contributed their money to pay for the treatment.  I felt so loved.  Though I am not from here, yet these people showed me love, generosity and kindness.”

Credit: Tales of Nigerians

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