The unemployment
rate in Nigeria is and should be a source of concern to both the Nigerian
youths and also to government at large.
Of recent, Nigerian
youths were tagged lazy, even if that wasn’t the right proportion, yet we can’t
leave behind the fact that, what needs to be done is sometimes within our
capacity of a peeping opportunity that we end up blowing away.
For as many that are
looking for white collar jobs, here are few but germane questions that an
interviewer will ask the interviewee.
us about yourself

This is a very sure
question you should expect first when you’ve been permitted to sit in the room.
Well, let me say the likelihood of not being asked that is 0.5%. Here, the
interviewer is not interested in hearing stories; what they are simply
expecting to know is your academic and professional achievements, your name and
the institution you currently work for.
Take a minute to
introduce yourself, and state your recent academic qualification and your
relevant experience(s). So don’t go about telling them, I live at (who send u
message). I’m from an average family (who cares?)… My father is an Engineer
(who he EPP?).
do you think you are the best candidate?

Please don’t ever
try saying you are the best, nor because you came out first class or 10th
class, do you know how many first class are there for the interview? Here, the
recruiter expects you to tell them about your professional achievements and the
unique skills you possess that will add value to the organisation.
If you are a
Customer Care personnel, then you should tell them that you are a good listener
and professionally patient; these are the qualities the employer is looking
are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is a very
professional but logical question. The truth is, the question is not as simple
as it looks; most candidates go blank when they face this kind of question. Take
your time in explaining why you can’t leave the office before you complete a
You can also inform
them how you are quick to trust a person, which in most cases makes you a
victim, tell them about how well you can lead a pack of wolves (strength) or
how you give too big room for people to air their own views (weakness). So
please, don’t start saying, I’m a very emotional sombori …helloooo!
do you see yourself in five years?

I want to be happily married, and have a house and at least two cars, be a
millionaire and manager of my own company” Gerrarahia mehn!
Dear reader, the employer
just wants to know whether you are ambitious or you’re the kind of a person who
secures a job and then you forget about yourself.
Answer the question
by stating how you intend to further your studies and grow professionally as
you strive to meet your employer’s goals. (It is quite germane to tie your
goals to your employer’s goals because no employer would be willing to hire and
invest in a rookie who will leave their organization in a year or less after
they have invested in training such a person.
do friends describe you?

This question is
simply testing your personal attributes, your social skills. When answering
this, please ensure that you don’t over exaggerate. Take the shortest time
possible to state the best attribute you possess that you believe will add
value to the organisation.
do you know about this company?

Before you enter
the interview room, ensure that you go through the company website to read
latest news, company profile, goals, management team, objectives, vision and
mission; they will help you answer this question. Where the company is unknown,
do your research and be familiar with the business/industry you desire to build
your career. The recruiter expects you to briefly describe what you read on
their website and not what you imagine of the company. If the company is an
outsourcing firm, just go ahead to shed more light on what outsourcing in other
words means.
is your salary expectation?

The question is
quite a canny one, because the reply due for this question solely lies on the
level of experience on the part of the interviewee. What am i saying? As a
fresh graduate you don’t have a clue what to be paid because at that point, all
that is in your head is SURVIVAL!
This reminds me of
the popular short skit social media comedian, Frank, who went for an interview,
and was asked how much he wants to be paid, from N12,500, he bargained till he
got to where he said ok they should pay N2,500. Funny, but that is the reality.
Basically, if you are leaving a job for another, you are expected to be paid at
least 30% of your previous earning. Take for instance, if you being paid 50k in
your previous earning, getting 30% is around 80k, so you can just throw that at
them, even though you both will still fall back at their own bargain because
most companies already have a salary structure for the roles put on advert. You
can go ahead to ask them what they pay others of your level, if they fail to
give a satisfactory answer then give them a reasonable range, and please don’t
go and mention an outrageous amount, when you were previously earning 50k, you
now mention 350k for prospective salary, my brother your case is different!
Though there is an exception to that, and that is, if as at the time you were
earning the 50k you bagged some other certificates, degrees, or achievements to
your Laurel, then you can give ACCORDINGLY, to the rate and value of your
you have any question?

This is most times
the last question that the interviewer asks interviewees as you can be marked
down sometimes if you fail to ask a question or two questions.
Ask them whether
they have plans to expand their business, whether they support employees to
further their studies and how they motivate employees. Ask them about the
working environment and it’s suitability to enhance productivity. You can even
pull a surprise by asking them when you would start; it shows confidence as
this is the key factor and attribute interviewers are looking for in
In all, run your
research, before you go for the interview about that company!



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